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Crochet a Recycled Plastic Shoulder Bag

March 29, 2007 14 comments
Shoulder Bag

Recycled Shoulder Bag

This is one of my all time favorite bags that I have created. It’s a crocheted shoulder bag made of recycled tan plastic grocery bags. It is a quick and easy crochet project to try if you are just starting out doing recycled crafts. If you need to know how to create yarn from plastic bags, here is my link to the step by step process to make the plastic bag yarn. If you want a larger bag, just add more stitches to your beginning chain and if you would rather have a deeper bag, just increase your rounds as desired. This pattern is worked in rounds and you do not join at the end of each round. Because of this you do not need to sew side seams together. As you work the first few rounds, the bag will turn up at the sides. Just continue working one Hdc in each stitch around and it naturally forms your purse without having to sew any side seams.

Enjoy this fun eco-friendly project!


Crocheted Recycled Plastic Shoulder Bag Pattern
Purse measures 9 inches wide and 6 inches long.
Strap length is 42 inches when not tied.

Material: One large ball of plastic bags cut into 1 inch strips.
One button 7/8 inch button shown on bag.

Hook: Metal N (9 mm) crochet hook

For complete pattern just click on read more link below.

Sharing Other Great Websites

March 27, 2007 3 comments

I have come across many wonderful websites and blogs that support my ideas about recycling and crafting in the last few weeks. I wanted to share some of them so you too could benefit from their insightful postings.

Nancy of Selangor, MY is a GreenBeing trying to invade the earth with a bunch of similarly inspired “Green” buddies, who practice environmentally friendly habits. Check out her site for wonderful eco-friendly articles and inspirations for recycling.

Stephanie of West Virginia has a fun, down to earth Stop the Ride which shows how to make it from scratch projects. Her blog has posts several times a week and offers weekly prizes for her blog carnival. Lots of fun ideas and unique sharing of creative products that are made from scratch. This site helps with ideas to reduce debt through helpful suggestions on getting back to basics.

Crafts.suite101 site explores painting, sewing, making projects for around the house, quilting, scrapbooking, cardmaking, mosaic, gifts, embroidery, papercrafting, garden crafts, family projects, fabric crafting, rubber stamping, embossing, clay, jewelry making and all things crafting. They look at all of the latest books and products. So if you enjoy creating and discovering, this is a great site to check out.

is a site where regular folks can share their knowledge and ideas. This link to their website is for one of the most comprehensive lists of uses and ways to recycle plastic bags that I have found. There are numerous thrifty tips from readers on reusing plastic grocery bags. Everything is covered from recycling, reducing, crafting, and more so we all can be green when it comes to plastic bags. Take a moment and review this outstanding reference link.

Crocheted Plastic Bag Coasters

March 24, 2007 9 comments

Recycled Plastic Bag Coasters

I had been asked recently if I had a recycled coaster pattern. At that time, I did not have a pattern nor had I ever crocheted any coasters using recycled plastic bags. I decided that there are many things that I need to crochet using recycled plastic bags. So I have complied a to-do list of items and will attempt to create each item out of recycled materials.

Once I successfully complete each item, I will share the pattern with everyone. Some of the items have been made by other people in the past but I will make and test my own patterns. That way I can post the free patterns all here. I want to build this website into a complete library of free patterns where crafters can come, learn, and try new ideas using recycled materials. My goal is to continue promoting eco-friendly products through recycling and crafting.

So here is this week’s first installment of new projects and patterns from my to-do list – recycled plastic bag coasters!

These are a quick item to crochet. I made this set of four in no time at all. Two were crocheted using all white (with red specks) plastic grocery bags and the other two using grey plastic bags to create a different look.


Crocheted Recycled Plastic Coasters Pattern

Coasters measure 4 inches wide across.

Material: Plastic bags cut into 1 inch strips — Grey and white bags shown in pattern.

Hook: Metal N (9 mm) crochet hook

Crocheted Denim Rag Bag

March 21, 2007 54 comments
Denim Bag Pic

This week I have been working on a new recycled idea. A crocheted rag bag using recycled denim. I had a few old denim shirts that I didn’t want to throw away so I decided that I needed to get the ole’ creative juices flowing and use them in a project. It turned out to be a really heavy duty bag. I didn’t trim or fold the strips so that’s why you see the fibers from the material. But I think it turned out cool with the fibers kinda sticking out as they do.

So… this is the result, a recycled denim rag bag!

I used one of the pockets from the shirt to create an inside pocket as shown below.

I hope you enjoy trying this week’s recycling craft idea and as always — here’s the free pattern.

Free Crocheted Recycled Denim Rag Bag Pattern

Bag measures 11 inches wide and 10 inches long.

Material: Two denim shirts cut into 3/4 inch strips (See notes below on different methods.)

For complete pattern click on read more link below.

Recycled Cassette Tape Granny Square Bag

March 14, 2007 11 comments
Cassette Purse Small Pic

Cassette Tape Granny Square Motif Bag

This week’s bag is a recycled little purse crocheted from plastic tan grocery bags and brown cassette tapes. This was an interesting and challenging project. Unfortunately I found out that cassette tapes come in several shades of browns after I was halfway done with my bag. I finally had to make my bag much smaller than I had planned. I couldn’t find the same shade of brown cassette tape that I started the project with so my purse became the little bag you see in this post. The strap measures about 37 inches untied. I tied it in a knot at the top to create a shorter strap. Variations of this bag can be made using all plastic bags or any other recycled materials that you may want to substitute. The overall size can be increased by adding additional rounds as desired. Have fun with this week’s bag and enjoy your recycling and crafting project.

Free Recycled Bag Pattern

Size: Approx. 6-1/2 inch square bag with 37 inch strap
Hook: E metal crochet hook used in this Motif pattern.
(Any large size hook can be used but Motif size will vary.)
Materials: Plastic tan grocery bags cut in ¼ inch strips and 2 cassette tapes

Update on Crafting with Recycled Materials

March 9, 2007 8 comments

I wanted to bring everyone up to date on my latest discoveries and completed projects using different recycled materials. Recently I used VHS tape to crochet an evening bag and also a round Motif bag purse. It works fairly well to crochet using the VHS tape but you do need to pull a bit on your stitches to make them uniform and even. Be careful as it can be a bit hard on your fingers and joints. It is a wonderful way to use those old VHS tapes that so many of us have lying around. The black tape gives a pretty sparkly sheen to your project. It appears to do be an excellent eco-friendly way to recycle those tapes!

Next I experimented using cassette tape as yarn. It’s much narrower and you need to use a small hook. I used single strand tape to make a set of Barbie Fashion Doll purses. The free patterns are available under my pattern link on the right. I must say that crocheting with cassette tape is easier on my joints and smoother to crochet stitches with. Another nice discovery was that you do not need to open up the case to use the brown tape as yarn. You simply use a rewound tape and cut off the clear lead so you just have the brown tape to pull out of the case. You can then just work your project by pulling out the tape as you go. It reels out smoothly and you don’t have to worry about your yarn getting tangled. Be careful as the tape colors do vary so check your color shades when you do your projects.

My latest project consists of plastic bags and cassette tape used as yarn. The brown center was a plastic grocery bag I cut very narrow to match my cassette tape width. I cut the plastic bag strips at about ¼ inch. Now I know this is narrow but you need this to match the brown cassette tape. I believe this is a bit like working with thread. While I don’t work with thread much, this was an easy item to stitch as you don’t need to manhandle your work. The stitching seems to move along effortlessly unlike some of the other recycled materials I use. I will post a picture of the bag here when it is completed.

Knitting Links for Recycled Bags

I will continue to try out new and test other recycled materials here on this website. My motto continues to be that this website blog is dedicated to recycling and crafting. In an effort to expand beyond just crocheted recycled crafts, I wanted to share with you several knitted recycled bags. Thanks to Mike at who agreed to allow me to link this knitted recycled plastic bag in a post.

So for you knitters out there, click on this link for instructions on creating a knitted recycled tote bag using a different method than I do for the […]

Crocheted Round Recycled Motif Purse

March 4, 2007 8 comments
Small Round Purse Pic

This week’s recycled bag is made with two different recycled materials. First plastic bags were used for the center Motif using pink and grey retail bags. Next an old recycled VHS tape was used for the black yarn in this project. I call this my diversified recycling craft idea. It uses several items that many of us having lying around and don’t know what to do with. If you didn’t already read my blog about how to use old VHS tape as yarn, just click on this link to get the full details on how it is done.

I am attempting to take recycling to a new crafting level and make extra eco-friendly products. I am experimenting using new materials and putting together different things to create new looks and ideas. I hope you enjoy this free pattern and challenge yourself to try a recycled craft project today! It is a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Free Recycled Round Crocheted Motif Bag Pattern

Materials: Plastic bags and VHS tape
Size: 9 inch round bag with 2-1/2 inch center Motif if using 3/4 to 1 inch strips of cut plastic bags. Strap 38 inches long when not tied.
Hook: N metal crochet hook used in this pattern.
Click on the read more link below for complete pattern.

Free Barbie Doll Purse Patterns – Recycled Plastic Cassette Tape

March 1, 2007 7 comments

Here are three free Fashion Doll patterns for a handbag purse, tote, and shoulder bag. These are crafted by crocheting with recycled cassette tape as yarn. Just rewind an old cassette tape and cut the tape at the beginning of the brown tape. Pull out the brown tape end to work your project. The tape will pull out freely from the reel. There is no need to open up the case.

Click below on the read more link to view complete patterns.

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