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Pot Scrubber Crocheted from Plastic Bags

Posted on June 10, 2007


Here is my parade of pot scrubbers crocheted from recycled plastic bags!

I used several different types of plastic to create these pot scrubbies. The yellow and white/red ones were crocheted using the pattern below with a “N” hook. The white/gold one was made from a recycled plastic wedding bag. You can read about that project here. This scrubber was made using a “H” hook rather than the bigger hook as the plastic yarn was single strand. It is a much tighter stitched scrubber than the ones with the bigger hook. Here is the free pattern link for that scrubber.

So depending on your project either use the pattern below for pot scrubbers made from recycled plastic grocery bags or the link above for the single strand plastic strips.

Free Crocheted Pot Scrubber Pattern using Plastic Grocery Bags

Scrubber measures 3-1/2 inches wide across. (Make 2 round disks)

Material: Plastic bags cut into 1 inch strips

Hook: Metal N (9 mm) crochet hook

Round Disk
Round 1
Ch 4, Sl St to join in first st of chain to form ring.

Round 2
Ch 2 (counts as first Hdc), work 11 Hdc in ring (12 Hdc), join with Sl St at top of Ch 2.

Round 3
Ch 2, work Hdc in same stitch, then work 2 Hdc in each st, join with Sl St at top of Ch 2.
Fasten off and weave ends under. (Tip: leave yarn attached when you complete 2nd disk that way you don’t need to attach yarn to join two disks together.)

With wrong sides together, join your two round disks together by working sc through both layers in between last rnd sts. Work *1 Sc in next st, then 2 Sc in next st* — repeat between * -* to last st. End with Sl St in last st. Fasten off and weave ends under.

Variations: Use all one color of plastic bags or vary colors as desired.

If you have any questions or find discrepancies in this pattern, please email me using contact tab above.

Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sl St – Slip Stitch
Rnd – Round

This pattern is copyrighted by Cindy of My Recycled Bags {dot com} and may only be used for private individual use. No commercial sales or use is permitted. Links to this pattern are acceptable. ©2007

****Please do not copy my patterns on your blog site or post my patterns on Internet sites. I do not allow my patterns to be republished without expressed written permission. Posting of my patterns, without written permission is in violation of my copyrights and is content theft.

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29 Responses to “Pot Scrubber Crocheted from Plastic Bags”

  1. Joanna
    Jun 11, 2007

    Thanks for sharing these- I’ll have to learn how to crochet so I can use these on my non-stick pots!

  2. Kristina the university student
    Jun 11, 2007

    I have wanted to do this for a while, but I was afraid water (particularly dirty dish water) would get caught inside the plastic and grow bacteria. have you had any problems with that?

  3. Cindy
    Jun 11, 2007

    It is just like any sponge or other scrubbies, they do get dirty. I wash mine in hot soapy water to clean and throw them away when they get too dirty. You can also soak them in a bit of bleach water to kill any bacteria.

  4. Cindy
    Sep 09, 2007

    Hi I have made these scrubbers with the orange and red plastic mesh onion bags!. I open them carefully at the top, and cut them in a spiral around making astrip about 3/4 to 1 inch wide and took them altogether, it takes maybe 4 bags to make one scrubber and I crochet them like you crocheted this particular scrubber pattern…. I never thought of using plastic bags…. Oh and another thing I have used to make scrubbers with is old vcr tapes, you open the tape up and just crochet with the vcr tape, its good and scratchy too

  5. Phyllis
    Sep 11, 2007

    I purchased a pot scrubber last year made from the net used in making corsages. This worked great and I wish I could crochet so I could make my own. Mine is long since gone from over use.

  6. Tracey
    Feb 14, 2008

    My Gran makes these out of strips of that plastic fabric mesh/veil stuff (maybe it’s crinolen?) Anyway, everyone in my family uses them now as they word SO well, last a long time and never scratch your pans.

  7. Michelle
    Feb 19, 2008

    What a great idea! Do you know if these plarn scrubbies or your yarn/plarn scrubbies will scratch teflon type pans? I’d love to make them but would like to know before I find out the hard way, kwim? 🙂

  8. Cindy
    Feb 19, 2008

    I used mine on Teflon and non-stick pans with no problems. Nothing lasts forever but my pans haven’t been scratched other than with forks etc. hehe.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Michelle
    Feb 19, 2008

    Sounds great to me! Thanks!!

  10. Coby
    Aug 21, 2008

    I made one of these and I absolutely LOVE it. It works great for dishes, but I really like it for scrubbing my granite countertops. I can really scrub hard and not have to worry about it scratching! I am going to make a bunch and give them away to my friends for christmas. Thanks for the great pattern!

    I may venture into making other things as well!

  11. Peggy
    Oct 01, 2008

    I really love your website! We live out in the middle of nowhere (interior Alaska) and I always seem to run out of green scratchies between trips to town (over 50 miles away!) I am most definitely a beginning crocheter but hope to make up a few of these. My MIL used to get them at a craft fair in NY but has been unable to find them the past couple of years. I am so excited about making them for gifts. We have plenty of friends who are willing to pass on their plastic bags and mesh bags so I should be able to make them to coordinate with each persons kitchen.

  12. Deb
    Feb 01, 2009

    Hi Cindy,
    I have been making totes from plarn, and wanted to do something different. I saw your site, and it’s great! I can’t wait to get started on the scrubbers. I plan on making them for my friends since they take the totes as fast as I can make them.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Deb’s last blog post..Hanging Kitchen Towel Rooster

  13. Mary
    Mar 04, 2009

    My Granny used to make porch rugs from plastic bread bags when they were just beginning to use plastic instead of cellophane. Being from the depression era she was always looking for ways to reuse things. She went through a phase where everything was a recycled bread bag! She had rugs, scrubbies, shoes, totes, even pillows!

  14. julie adams
    Apr 02, 2009

    Would these work on my new smooth surface stove?

  15. Cindy
    Apr 02, 2009

    Yes the plastic bags are pretty gentle and I use them on my non-stick pans without any scratching.

  16. Cora
    May 05, 2009

    Thank you for the links. I will try to make something my husband said not to use the vcr tapes to make scrubbers because they have alloys which means that there are mixed metals. In the majority of the tapes. Which can get into your blood stream if it gets on your hands period you have to touch it to use it so there for don’t take the chance. My husband knows trust me he worked in a photo shop. Worked on vcrs.

  17. Cindy
    May 05, 2009

    I would agree not to use vcr tape for washing dishes. It may not be healthy to wash our dishes in this material.

  18. Valerie
    Aug 16, 2009

    I can remember so many items being made of recycled breadsacks as well. The Wonder bread bags were the best since they were a soft plastic with a white background and all those colorful spots… I can even remember getting houseshoes made from them.
    I’ve tried my hand at crocheting, but I’m not very good, however these seem like an easy gift project to stuff into Christmas cards for those you want to just remember with something small. Thanks all!
    And, Cindy, I hope your battle is going well, I’ll say a prayer for you and keep my fingers crossed as well. Thank you for sharing your time and energy.

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  20. Beth
    Dec 30, 2009

    Love your site! Just made a pot scrubber with plarn plus (plarn and another yarn.) To prevent the dangerous build up of bacteria, I simply microwave the scrubber for 30 seconds.

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  22. […] towel and dish rag each day so they don’ t get gross or sooner if need be. I make these crocheted scrubbers out of  plastic grocery bags and pop them in the dishwasher to clean. I also have another drawer […]

  23. Diane
    May 22, 2010

    My Grama made crochet rugs with bread bags-mine has LONG since worn out. Thanks for the renewed interest in this recycle program. I am motivated to make a replacement, along with scrubbies, bags, coasters…!

  24. Billi
    Dec 13, 2010

    This is AWESOME!!! I just found this site and have already made a scrubber this morning. My youngest child and I have made crocheted dish towels & dish clothes for Christmas this year. These scrubbers will make a great addition without any added cost. 🙂 Thank you for a great site. Keep up the GREAT work!

  25. Volleysoft
    Dec 13, 2010

    This works great if you crochet another one out of dishcloth yarn and slipstitch them together to make a two sided dishcloth/scrubber!

  26. Dee
    Aug 22, 2011

    I have a client who makes these little scrubbers every year for Christmas. She uses netting, so it makes a little coarser scrubber than the plastic. I purchased one from her and use it on everything. It makes the best vegetable scrubber. I use it on my cucumbers from my garden, as well as my potatoes.
    In February of 2012 a team from our church will be traveling to the Philippines on a mission trip. Our team is learning how to crochet the plastic bags from stores into mats, curtains, and anything else we can come up with. There is an abundance of these bags in the local dump, so to recycle we are teaching the filipinos that live near the dump to crochet these bags and use them for various purposes around their homes or to sell! (of course, they will be cleaned first) 🙂

  27. Victoria
    Aug 26, 2011

    Like others I used to live way out in the middle of nowhere. Since I had no yarn to use I crocheted fishing line into pan scrubbies, they work wonderful, used them on my teflon they did not scratch. It is a little stiff and difficult to work with but well worth the effort.

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  29. Patrice Loibner
    Mar 13, 2015

    I shared your link with my friends, as it said in your copy right thing I could.

    I feel this is a great way to recycle all those plastic bags.

    Thank you ever so much, for this wonderful pattern. It is easy to follow and understand.

    Also the onion bag idea sounds great to.

    my little crochet bag lady won’t be too full age this!


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