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Recycled Plastic Hanger Cover

March 30, 2008 6 comments
Hanger Cover

Want to cover up those old metal hangers? Do you have some old chipped up hangers that need a new look? Here is a quick and easy method using recycled plastic bags. First you need to create some plarn or plastic bag yarn. Here is the link on how to make the yarn using recycled plastic bags. You only need about 5 bags or so to complete this project.

Using a “H” US crochet hook, join your yarn at the throat of the hanger with a slip stitch. Single crochet (sc) around the entire hanger ending back at the beginning of the hanger throat. Fasten off and use the ends to weave in around the hanger throat to make a nice smooth finish to the hanger cover.

Here is a close-up of the beginning to show in detail.
Click to view full-sized

Be creative and mix or match your plastic bags for unique hanger covers. Once your old hangers are covered, these are very handy for line drying items.

This is a great way to recycle old metal hangers and give them a new colorful life while saving them from the landfill!

VCR Tape & Ribbon Sling Bag

March 23, 2008 26 comments
VCR-Ribbon Sling Bag

Here is my latest VCR tape sling bag crocheted along with some ribbon yarn. A local group is making purses for girls in foster care in my area. I crocheted several different purses and decided that I would create one sling bag using recycled VCR tape for the purse drive. It has that funky teen-look so I hope some young lady enjoys it.

If you are new to the concept of crocheting with recycled VCR or VHS tape here is the link to the picture tutorial which shows how this process is done.

Creating purses and bags from recycled materials is always fun. Try adding different yarn or ribbon together with the VCR tape to accomplish different looks. Add additional embellishments to your finished bags to create that unique one-of-a-kind look.

Have fun and happy green crafting to you all!

Free Crocheted VHS Tape and Ribbon Sling Bag Pattern

Purse measures 8 inches wide and 8 inches long
Strap length is 44 inches

2 VCR VHS Tape Reels (only used about ¼ of each reel)
One button 1-1/2 inch button shown on bag
Small amount of Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon Yarn (City Lights shown)

Hook: Metal N (9 mm) crochet hook

Using 2 strands of VCR tape held together, Chain 18.

My First Felted Bag

March 16, 2008 12 comments
Felted Bag

Okay, I know everyone’s been felting wool bags for years. But this is my first attempt and here is the results.

I found two small balls of 100% brown wool at my local thrift store. Apparently someone didn’t finish their project or didn’t need these two leftover balls so I thought I’d buy them to crochet my first felted bag. But fearing I didn’t have enough and wanting to crochet a good-sized purse, I splurged and bought a small skein of 100% variegated wool to make some colorful stripes on my purse.

It is very important to use 100% wool for your felting projects. I almost made the mistake of using some other “wool” yarn I recycled from another project, but found out it was only 20% wool. If I had used that, it would not have felted properly or evenly.

My bag was crocheted and then felted twice in my washing machine. The first time I used the hottest water setting for 10 minutes and then a cold water rinse. I put my bag inside an old pillowcase and tied it shut with a knot. I also threw in an old pair of jeans for added agitation. It wasn’t quite enough so I felted it again for about another 6 minutes. I added two recycled buttons to finish off the bag.

Here is the free pattern for anyone interested in crocheting this felted sling bag purse.

Felted Sling Bag Purse Pattern

Purse measurements:
Before felting – 11-1/2″ wide and 11-1/2″ long with 48″ strap
After felting – 9″ wide and 9″ long with 43″ strap

3 ozs -100% brown wool yarn
2 ozs -100% variegated wool yarn for stripes (Bernat Natural Wool Meadow shown)
1 inch button or two recycled buttons as shown on bag

Hook: H (5 mm) crochet hook

Chain 40

Recycled Plastic Easter Basket

March 8, 2008 22 comments

Here is my Easter basket that I created using recycled plastic bags and a plastic soap box strap.

This Easter basket was crocheted using plastic grocery bags to create yarn or plarn as shown here. I used a plastic soap holder strap that I took off a box shown below for my basket handle. I’m sure you’ve had one of these straps in the past and wondered what you could do with it. Well, I’m trying to find new ways to reuse and repurpose otherwise useless things. Using this plastic strap on my basket worked out very nicely.

Enjoy this recycled craft project and I wish you a very happy Easter!


Free Recycled Crocheted Plastic Easter Basket Pattern

Materials needed: One ball of purple plastic bags cut into strips 1 inch wide and interlocked to create a ball of plarn to crochet with. (Approx. 20-25 bags)
Small amount of white plastic bags cut into plarn for edging and strap.
One plastic soap box strap handle.

Hook: N (9 mm) size metal crochet hook

Description: Purple Easter Basket –
Basket measures 8 inches wide and 5 inches tall with 19 inch handle strap.

Ch 3 and join with a Sl St to form a ring.

Motif Pot Scrubber Dishcloth

March 2, 2008 10 comments
Motif Dishcloth 3

Here is part II of my dishcloths I crocheted using recycled plastic bags for pot scrubbers. This cute motif dishcloth was created using some plarn (plastic bag yarn) for the center and then cotton for the dishcloth. The plarn center provides you some scrubbing power when cleaning your dishes. Mix and match your scrap cotton yarn and plarn to make these unique dishcloths!

Here is another example of the same motif dishcloth but with different colors.

Clickable photo
My three different dishcloths that I have crocheted with recycled plastic bag centers.

The other two patterns for the blue-green and red round dishcloths can be found at this link.

As always, I hope you enjoy this recycled project and happy green crafting to you all!

Free Motif Square Pot Scrubber Dishcloth Pattern

Dishcloth measures: 9-1/2 inch Square
Hook: Metal H (5 mm) US sized hook

1- Sugar & Cream Cotton yarn ball Marble (used about 2/3 of ball)
Small amount of Pink Sugar & Cream Cotton yarn
Small amount of plastic bag plarn for scrubber center

With center color (White shown) Ch 4, Sl St to form ring.

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