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My Radiation Road

August 30, 2008 6 comments

Well, this week I’m officially on the radiation roadway. On Monday, I had my simulation where the radiology tech walks you through a sample treatment procedure and shows you all the machines. I also had my form made. It’s a big blue pillow that is filled with bead-like material which is similar to a bean bag chair. The pillow is big and starts about at my mid back and goes up passed my head. You lay down on it to shape your head and body into the pillow and put your arms up above your head just like you will do for each radiation treatment. The radiology technician then sucks the air out of the form, leaving it shaped firmly just to fit your body. The form is used for me to lay down upon now for each radiation treatment. The idea is that I will be in the exact same position each time and this form helps the techs place me precisely the same for each treatment. I had x-rays and a CT scan done for the doctor to do all the necessary calculations for my treatments.

I returned on Wednesday once all the calculations were completed. […]

My Star Dishcloth

August 22, 2008 28 comments

For all you dishcloth lovers out there, here is my free star dishcloth pattern that I created. It is crocheted with 5 points and uses a granny square stitch. The center can be crafted with recycled plastic bags or plarn which creates a center scrubbie.

Here is the option to crochet the dishcloth using just cotton. […]

My Next Step – Radiation

August 16, 2008 18 comments

Yesterday, I had my radiation consultation which is the next step in my breast cancer treatment. I was told at the beginning that radiation would be necessary for about 6-7 weeks following completion of my chemo. Unfortunately it’s every day, five days a week, and I live 80 miles round trip from the nearest Hospital that provides radiation. Oh, boy and gas is so cheap these days…

Anyway thankfully I’ll be done before the weather gets bad and the snow hits up here. So that’s at least one good thing. I’m trying to focus on the positives and keeping my spirits up. Of course the biggest positive of radiation is that it’s killing off any remaining cancer cells and hopefully putting a final end to my cancer ever returning. […]

Crochet a Water Bottle Holder

August 13, 2008 14 comments
Recycled Water Bottle Holder

Just in time before Summer is over, crochet this handy water bottle holder from recycled plastic bags or plarn. It has a convenient sling shoulder strap and holds a reusable Nalgene 32 oz/1000 ml or one liter water bottle. This makes a wonderful water bottle holder because the bag is crocheted using plastic bags, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet from the condensation from a cold bottle.

Here is the free pattern link to crochet the water bottle holder.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer and happy green crafting to all![…]

White Crocheted Plastic Hobo Purse

August 2, 2008 17 comments

Need a cute summer handbag? Why not crochet yourself this hobo handbag from recycled plastic bags. Who said trash can’t be stylish when you can create something this cute and useful from plarn. This handbag purse is lined and has a magnetic clasp for a closure. It measures 8″ x 11″ at the widest point. Plenty big enough to hold everything you might need for a daily outing.

Click to view full-size
Inside picture of the lining.

Should you want a larger version of this hobo purse here it is. Click here for the free pattern link.
Click to view full-size

I have given you several different sizes, materials, and ideas for creating your own recycled hobo purse. So what are you waiting for — grab that hook and go!

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Free White Hobo Bag Crochet Pattern

Materials needed:
One large ball of white plastic bag yarn “Plarn” – Approx. 40 bags
1 set of 1 inch D rings or circle rings
2 yards of ribbon (1/8″-3/16″ will work)
Magnetic clasp closure
Material for lining if desired

“N” US size Metal crochet hook
“J’ US size Metal crochet hook

Description: White Hobo Bag
Bag measures 8” wide and 11” long

Rnd 1
Using N hook, Ch 23.[…]


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