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Crochet a Spiral Scrubbie

March 28, 2009 11 comments

I recently saw this cute spiral scrubbie and just had to try the pattern. It has such a unique look and I could just picture adding some recycled plastic netting to the design for added scrubbing power. The green and red scrubbie is crocheted with recycled lettuce sleeves cut into strips. You then just crochet with your yarn and the netting held together. Here is my square scrubber tutorial that I made using the netting and it has pictures how to cut the lettuce netting so you can crochet with it. In this spiral pattern I worked two rounds with the netting and then two rounds without. I used cotton yarn but worst yarn works fine too. As shown, the other scrubbie is worked all in cotton according to the free pattern that Judith has here.

Here is another scrubbie I crocheted using one of those plastic nets that they put around a ham. The ham netting is much thicker and harder to crochet with. I had to cut the ham netting into wider strips of about 1-1/2 to 2 inches wide otherwise I couldn’t connect the cut links. The lettuce sleeves are much softer and easier to crochet with. But the ham netting does make for a very good and stiff scrubber. I crocheted only three times the 2-row sets using the gold colored ham netting to complete this scrubbie.

Anyway I just wanted to share this fun spiral scrubbie pattern and show how by adding a bit of recycled material, you could create a very handy scrubber. Enjoy this green craft idea![…]

Recycled Plastic Can Cozy

March 21, 2009 8 comments

Here is a quick and easy little crochet project for all those green crafters who love recycling trash into treasures. It’s a handy can cozy that can be used for a soda or beer can. Keep your favorite beverage cold and save some plastic bags from the landfill all at the same time.

This project is completed by creating plastic bag yarn by cutting about 9 recycled plastic sacks into strips. If you are not familiar with the process, I have a picture tutorial found here that gives you all the details on creating plarn.

So grab those plastic bags and crochet yourself a recycled plastic can cozy today!

Free Crocheted Can Cozy Pattern

Materials needed:
Blue and white plastic bags cut into strips 1” wide and interlocked to create plarn to crochet with. (Approx. 7 blue bags and 2 white bags)

“J” US size metal crochet hook

Recycled Plastic Can Cozy – measures 3” wide and 4-1/2” tall

Using blue plarn, Ch 4 and join with a Sl St to form a ring.[…]

Crochet a Recycled Easter Egg Basket

March 14, 2009 11 comments

It’s time to crochet some recycled Easter egg baskets for the upcoming holiday. I want to share my latest creation which is a mini Easter egg basket. It holds one egg and can be used as unique gift idea. Fill your plastic egg with something special or simply place your gift inside the mini basket. The link to the free crochet pattern for the mini Easter egg basket is found here.

Here is a large recycled Easter basket that I made last year. This durable basket is crocheted from some special purple plastic bags that a friend from Crochetville mailed to me. I know purple bags are hard to come by but even using recycled white plastic grocery bags can create just as cute of a Easter basket. Simply add a colorful ribbon bow tie to spruce up your basket as I did with the mini Easter egg basket project.

Here is the free pattern link for the large plastic basket below.


One Year Later

March 10, 2009 12 comments

March 10, 2008 is a day I will never ever forget. It is the day that I was told that I had cancer. I was shocked and my life was forever changed by the news. I remember having to go outside and just walk. I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that I had breast cancer. My first thoughts were wondering if I was going to die. Then how was I going to deal with this? What was going to happen now? When you are first diagnosed with cancer, I think the fear is the worst. With me, I just didn’t know what it really meant. I felt okay but I knew that there was a terrible time bomb inside me and it was ticking away.

I quickly learned as much as I could about breast cancer. I read everything I could and talked with several different doctors so I could understand the ramifications of my diagnoses. For me, knowledge was power. Power to know what to expect and to prepare myself and my family for what I’ve have dubbed My Pink Journey.

At this one year mark, I am happy to report that I am doing well. Yes I still have some issues I’m dealing with such as my very short hair that doesn’t seem to want to grow. The unpleasant side effects of Tamoxifen, tight muscles under my arm from radiation and a bit of lymphedema on my side where I had lymph nodes removed. But really I’m faring quite well considering all that I have been through.

Thanks to my faith, family, and friends I have been able to survive this cancer battle. The battle is never really over once you have cancer. You learn this pretty early on. You must be vigilant and keep close tabs on the big C. It’s quite wily and you must forever guard against its return. This is an important message for everyone to have those cancer screenings done as early detection such as I had can make all the difference in ones survival rate.

So thank you again to everyone for your love, prayers, and support during this last year. I don’t know if I could have made it without all of you. Remember enjoy life and be thankful for each and every beautiful day of it![…]

Colorful Recycled Motif Granny Tote Bag

March 1, 2009 11 comments

Spring is just around the corner and this crocheted granny square motif tote brings out the best of recycled crafting with a colorful Spring theme. The motifs are crocheted from recycled plastic bags in six different colors to create a unique panel for each side of the tote bag.

Click to supersize any photos
Motifs before assembly and side shot of finished tote

Think Spring so it hopefully gets here soon as this snow and ice is getting old. Enjoy this recycled bag project and happy green crafting to all!

Free Colorful Motif Tote Pattern

Materials needed:
One large ball of White plastic bag yarn “Plarn” – approx. 35 bags
Plastic bags in each of the center colors: blue, yellow, wine, pink, orange and green

Hooks: “N” and “J” U.S. size metal crochet hooks
Size: Approx. 4” Motif if using 1” strips of cut plastic bags
Finished Tote bag measurements: 14-1/2” wide, 10” tall, 3” depth, 8” handles

With N hook Ch 4 with center color, Sl St to form ring. […]


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