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E-Waste and Mobile Phone Recycling

April 29, 2010 2 comments
E-Waste Mobile Phone

What comes to mind when you think about recycling? We all know the importance of recycling when it comes to plastic, glass, tin, and paper but what about electronic trash. Electronic waste is defined as discarded, surplus, obsolete, broken electrical or electronic devices.

Electronic waste or e-waste includes computers, entertainment device electronics, television sets, and mobile phones just to name a few of the most frequently found e-waste items.

Today I want to focus in on mobile phones. Each year nearly two hundred fifty million phones cell phones are discarded and many get thrown away and end up in our trash and landfills. Cell phones contain toxic chemicals and hazardous materials such as copper, lead, arsenic and zinc products just to name a few of the concerning materials.

So what is the answer? Well mobile phone recycling of course. Not only can you turn your e-trash into cash, you can be helping our environment by keeping them out of our landfills. By recycling your old mobile phones you keep them from leeching into our Earth, contaminating our water aquifers, poisoning our animals and thus harming all of us.

One company in the Uk is making it easier to recycle some of those 68 million old mobile phones found in the UK. Sell My Mobile is the UK’s number 1 mobile phone recycling price comparison site. They help you to turn your trash into cash by providing an easy to use search box that will help you identify the make and model of your mobile phone. Then by comparing all the UK’s leading mobile phone recycling companies and with daily updated price checking, you can choose the best deals possible when you sell mobile phones.

Is your old cell phone broken? Never fear — Many of the merchants listed even pay out for broken phones. You could still receive up to 90% of the original working phone offer depending on the level of damage your phone has. The reason is that even damaged mobile phones can be repaired back to factory standard and parts can be reused and refurbished by retailers.

So whatever type of e-waste you may have, please consider recycling it rather than allowing it to end up in the trash. When you choose to reuse, refurbish and recycle, you are making a positive move in making our world greener. A greener world is definitely a goal that we all can support and reach towards. Remember every little bit helps.

Recycling Plastic Six Pack Rings

April 24, 2010 7 comments
T-Yarn Towel Ring Holder Closeup

This project involves recycling those plastic six pack rings you get from cans into useful towel holders. The rings are cut apart and trimmed with scissors. You may not have noticed but once the rings aren’t around the cans anymore, they aren’t completely round. Using the shape as a towel holder worked out great. It has a natural bend in the ring which accommodates a folded towel over the ring.

Of course I wanted to keep this a recycled crocheted project, so I used t-yarn or tarn to make this towel holder. T-yarn is the yarn created from recycled t-shirts and cut very thin into strips to cover this plastic ring.

Once you crochet a few rounds, you can slide your towel handle around on the plastic ring. The last photo shows about where you want to place your center over the curve in the plastic so your holder is centered. I used a thin tea towel to insert in the ring as it fits better than thicker towels.

Here is the free crochet pattern below. Enjoy!

T-Yarn Towel Ring Holder

Materials needed:
2-3) ozs of white T-shirt cut into 1/4 inch wide strip and stretched to curl into t-yarn
Here is my t-yarn or tarn tutorial on how to make yarn from recycled t-shirts.
1) plastic ring cut from a plastic six-pack holder
1) 5/8 inch button
Small amount of fingering or thread yarn for trim

Hook:J (6 mm) size metal hook

Description: T-yarn Towel Ring Holder
Holder measures 4 inches wide and 7-1/4 inches long when buttoned

Row 1
Attach your t-yarn with Sl St around trimmed plastic ring. Sc loosely around the ring and join with Sl St to beg Sc. (Approx 34-36 Sc)

Earth Day 2010

April 20, 2010 3 comments
Earth Day 2010 Photo

April 22, 2010 is the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day. No matter where you may stand on the environment, global warming, recycling, and all the other green causes — Most would agree that we all love our Earth. When you love something you want to protect it, nurture it and ultimately preserve it.

If you are a regular visitor of this site, you know that I am dedicated to and love to craft with recycled materials. Not only is it fun and frugal, it is one small thing that helps our planet. By reusing, recycling, and repurposing materials — It is one positive and useful step in the right direction.

So on this Earth Day 2010, take a moment to consider our wonderful Mother Earth. Challenge yourself to make one small change. Remember every little bit helps.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and green Earth Day!


Recycled Plastic Fat Bottom Bag

April 15, 2010 20 comments
Pink Fat Bottom Lining Inside

I present my plarn fat bottom bag that I crocheted using recycled plastic newspaper bags. You may remember me saying that it is difficult for me to obtain pretty colors in plastic bags for my crafting. Well thanks to a suggestion from a blogger friend, I asked my local library to save their newspaper bags for me. They have been giving me one pink and one orange plastic bag daily from their newspapers. Anyway I saved up the plastic bags and crocheted my first fat bottom bag.

You may notice that the pink shade on the last few rounds of the bag and handles are darker. That was because the newspaper company changed the color of bags they were using. At first I was upset that I couldn’t finish my recycled bag using all the same color of pink but then once I was forced to use the darker bags, it turned out to be a nice contrast for the finished project.

As I mentioned this is my first fat bottom crocheted bag. The original pattern in written only in Portuguese. But there is an English chart and a wonderful tutorial including the lining over at Bend Beanies Blog which is a life saver. She has great pictures and helpful tips to help translate this awesome free pattern.

Below you will find some pictures I took as I worked the pattern.

Earthtone Crocheted Kitchen Sets

April 11, 2010 4 comments
Green RR Dishcloth & Plarn Scrubbie

I finished up this crocheted earthtone kitchen set for my Mom’s birthday. It includes a round ripple dishcloth that I made using Julee’s RR dishcloth pattern. I changed it up a bit and made the center flat.

Below is my open mesh magic dishcloth along with a scrubbie dot I crocheted using recycled plastic bags.

Click on photos to supersize them

Next is a hostess gift I put together for a friend. It includes another RR dishcloth and a plarn scrubbie dot. The little flowered tag is cut from a recycled greeting card. I thought it matched the gift and look perfect for a Spring gift so I used it as my gift tag.

Anyway just wanted to check in with everyone and show some of my recent crocheting. I’ve am busy finishing up a fat bottom bag I am crocheting from pink plastic newspaper bags and just started a special order purse being crocheted from vcr tape for a repeat customer of mine. I will be back soon to share all those recycled craft projects with you as soon as I get them done.
Happy crafting everyone!

Recycled Denim Baby Bibs

April 5, 2010 11 comments
Recycled Denim Bib 5

This month over at the Trash to Treasures group on Ravelry we are having a fabric and clothing scraps challenge. So I broke out some old jeans I have been saving and recycled them into some baby bibs.

The first bib is larger and I used the trimmed side seams from a pair of jeans for the bib ties. This bib is more suitable for an older baby or toddler.

My next bib is smaller and features ribbon for the ties. I thought the ribbon would be gentler for a younger baby’s skin than the denim ties.

Below you will find a picture tutorial showing how I made each of these recycled denim heart bibs.

Recycled Easter Basket Parade

April 1, 2010 4 comments
Pink Mini Easter Basket

I present this years recycled Easter basket parade. Each basket has either been crafted with recycled materials or could be made using recycled materials. This cute basket with the monkey was crocheted by my friend Carmen using recycled plastic bags and an ice cream lid ring for her top edge. Both of these Easter baskets above were crocheted using my Easter plarn pattern here.

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