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A Slice of Plarn

February 27, 2011 5 comments
A Slice of Plarn

I call my latest recycled bag A Slice of Plarn. It is crocheted using salmon colored plastic newspaper bags. The finished purse looks like a slice of tangerine or orange to me and therefore this is how this plastic bag project got its name.

The pattern I used is for a crocheted hobo bag that is available free over at Crochetspot blog site. I adapted the pattern just a bit to allow for the difference between using plastic bag yarn and regular yarn. I worked the pattern in half double crochet stitch rather than double crochet. I also worked a row of single crochet along the inside wedge edges just to give it a smoother finished.

My finished bag is 9 inches tall and about 10 inches wide. I worked just single crochet stitches on the strap to provide a stronger strap so the plastic wouldn’t stretch too much when the purse is used.

My button loop includes another round of single crochet around the basic chain that the original pattern calls for. Again because I was working with plarn, I felt that my loop need the extra round of stitching to make a secure closure.

So whether you want to make your purse with recycled plastic bags or yarn, I hope you enjoy the project and thanks to Rachel for another great free pattern over at Crochetspot.

Log Cabin Potholder Pattern

February 18, 2011 3 comments
Log Cabin Potholder Pattern

For all those log cabin pattern lovers out there, here is my version of a log cabin potholder. This potholder or hotpad was crocheted using scraps of cotton yarn I had on hand. I have also been saving all my juice and milk jug rings for crafting projects. This plastic ring is a larger one that I recycled from an apple jug. Using these recycled rings saves you from having to purchase store bought rings for your potholder projects.

The potholder or hotpad completes my set that includes the log cabin scrap dishcloth pattern I posted last month. These items are an excellent way to use scraps of cotton that you may have been saving and not sure what could be done with the small bits. My pattern is written with specific colors listed but you can mix and match the colors depending on what you may have on hand.

As always, please enjoy the free crochet pattern below.

Log Cabin Potholder Pattern

H (5 mm) USA crochet hook

Cotton yarn scraps in 6 colors
2 ozs contrasting Cotton yarn for trim and back of potholder
1 plastic ring

8 inches x 8-1/2 inches Cotton Potholder/Hotpad

Row 1
With light blue yarn, Ch 12, Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea st. (11)

Reclaimed Heart Hotpad

February 11, 2011 4 comments
Reclaimed Heart Hotpad

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I crocheted this heart hotpad from reclaimed yarn. I scored a free cotton/ramie red vest from my local thrift store. It had a hole in it and they had it in their free area so I gladly took it home and unraveled it. It yielded 3 nice balls of red yarn.

I used Rachel’s free sweetheart Valentine heart pattern over at Crochet Spot to create my hotpad. I followed the posted pattern but added an extra round of single crochet by repeating round 4 twice. I crocheted two red hearts and then put them back to back for a double layered heart hotpad. I finished off my hotpad by working a round of single crochet around and through the double layers with a contrasting white cotton yarn. I then worked the final round as outlined in the pattern to create the scalloped edging.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day and as always happy crafting!

Dual Handled Plarn Tote Bag

February 7, 2011 4 comments
Dual Handled Plarn Tote Bag

This week I present a dual handled plarn tote bag. A reader recently asked if I had a free pattern for not only a shoulder strap but also a bag with handles to grip with your hands. So I got busy and crocheted this tote bag for her. It’s like the best of both worlds — You can throw this jumbo tote bag over your shoulder or grasp it by the smaller handles.

This is another over-sized tote bag project that is similar to my jumbo plarn beach bag which features one long shoulder strap that has a pull through front closure. I think this tote bag would make an excellent farmer’s market bag as you have so much room inside and the two different ways to carry it around.

So whether you want one long strap or dual handles on your plarn tote bag, you can mix and match these two free crochet patterns that I am posting at my blog. Best wishes and happy crafting to all!

Free Jumbo Dual Handled Tote Bag Pattern

Materials needed:
One very large ball of plastic bag yarn Plarn
Approx. 80 white plastic grocery bags for main bag and
16 orange plastic bags for stripes

Hook: N (9 mm) U.S. size metal hook

Description: Dual Handled Plarn Tote Bag
Bag measures 16 inches wide and 20 inches long with 30 inch shoulder strap and 9 inch handles

Ch 34

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