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Plarn Bucket Basket

July 26, 2011 3 comments
Plarn Bucket Basket

This week I crocheted a little bucket basket from recycled pink newspaper bags. I created this bucket basket as a gift to my local library for saving all the plastic newspaper bags they receive their newspapers in daily. Each week I pick up these bags and use them in my recycled crafting projects. I feel so fortunate to get these beautiful and uniquely colored bags.

I recycled this jam container for my plastic bag crafting project. As outlined in the pattern below, you insert the plastic jam container inside the crocheted plarn bucket. Once finished, I filled the bucket with candy and presented it to my local library staff. This was their first time really seeing a finished product I crafted from their recycled plastic bags. I think they were happily surprised to see something pretty as well as useful made from their old newspaper bags that I collect from them.

So I hope I have inspired you and you will give this recycled crochet basket project a go. Best wishes and happy green crafting to all!


Plarn Bucket Basket Pattern

One ball of pink plarn (plastic bag yarn) Appox. 20 bags
3 white plastic bags for edging
1 recycled jam container (4 inches wide by 4 inches tall used)

Hook: Metal J (6 mm) US size hook

Description: Crochet basket measures 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall with 8 inch handle

Ch 4 and join with a sl st to form a ring.

Hummingbird Feeding Fun

July 21, 2011 6 comments
Hummingbird Feeding Fun

Here are a few photos I shot today of some hummingbirds that were feeding off my feeder. Don’t worry if it looks empty as I am using clear juice for them and it’s just below the red rim so you can’t see the juice line.

These birds just love my homemade hummingbird juice. This is the second year that I have been making up my own home brew for them. Here is the link to my homemade hummingbird juice recipe that I posted last year.

I actually had 3 birds drinking all at the same time but couldn’t get a picture of them. They move so fast that by the time I try and click the picture, they have moved.

Here is a great shot showing the beautiful back of this hummingbird. She’s just so pretty with her yellow spots.

Another photo of the same bird drinking from my hummingbird feeder.

One last photo of one of the “girls” posing for the camera. They are just such beautiful creatures. Now I am off to make another batch of my brew for them as I’m sure the feeder is nearly empty now.

Cassette Tape Sachet

July 16, 2011 12 comments
Crocheted Cassette Tape Sachet

I’m back to share my latest recycled cassette tape craft project. I crocheted this little sachet bag with two strands of cassette tape along with one strand of ribbon yarn. The ribbon yarn gives the cassette tape a better texture to crochet with and makes the crochet hook move more easier.

I added a sachet liner that I crocheted from some cotton thread so you could remove it from the cassette tape sachet. I filled the liner with some spicy potpourri before closing the end up. Then I just inserted the liner inside the sachet.

This is a quick and easy recycled crafting project which requires just a small amount of materials. The result is a pretty sachet that makes a great gift idea.
Free Cassette Tape Sachet Pattern

Materials needed:
2 Cassette tapes (only 1/8 of a reel used on each)
1 oz Lion Brand Lion ribbon yarn
One bead for drawstring
Small amount of #10 Cotton thread for liner

J (6 mm) U.S. size metal crochet hook
C (2.75 mm) U.S. size metal crochet hook

Description: Crocheted Sachet Bag –
Bag measures 4-1/2 inches wide and 5 inches long

Ch 15

Rnd 1
Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea chain st down to end. Then continue around other side of chain by working a Hdc in ea st to other end.

T-Yarn Swiffer Sock

July 9, 2011 1 comment
T-Yarn Swiffer Sock

Need a swiffer duster sock? Well I did for my Unger so I cut up one white t-shirt and a small amount of a blue jersey sheet to crochet my duster cover. I cut my t-yarn 1 inch wide and stretched it gently as shown in my t-yarn making tutorial.

My Unger is a squeegee with a swiffer-like head on the other side. I want to be able to use the other side to dust and clean high areas in my house with the extended handle on the Unger.

I used the Craftstylish crochet reversible swiffer pattern as a basis for my duster cover. Because my tool is narrower than a Swiffer, I had to modify the original pattern. The beauty of the pattern is that it is easily adjustable to fit different sized cleaning tools. The pattern has great pictures and works up really quickly.

Okay now for my modifications:
I used N (9 mm) crochet hook. I chained 19 to begin my cover. I only crocheted 3 rows of ruffles in the middle. Then one round of SC in each stitch and then several decreases of Sc on last round to fit my Unger.

Finished size: Fits a tool head 10 inches long and 1-1/2 inches wide when stretched.

My finished t-yarn cover turned out perfect and I love the ruffles on the duster. It works great and I plan to use the same ruffle design to make a mop cover. Using recycled t-shirts for this project worked wonderfully as the cotton is soft and absorbent. Now I just need to get busy and do some cleaning with my new tool.

Plarn Pop Tab Tote Bag

July 3, 2011 22 comments
Finished Plarn Tote Bag Bottom

This week I present my first pop tab tote bag project. I was asked to create a tote bag using soda pop pull tabs and recycled plastic bags by a member of my Trash to Treasures group on Ravelry. I have been saving soda pop tabs and beer pull tabs so I could complete this project. It took 252 tabs for my bag. I decided that I would alternate rounds so that it didn’t take so many tabs to do this bag. Plus I like the look of the plastic bags by themselves to separate the pull tab rounds.

I used cotton cord on the base of the bag to give it a sturdy bottom and also on the handles. I found if I wrapped the plastic bag yarn (plarn) around the cord as I crocheted around it, it hides the white cord better. As you may see in the closeup pictures of the base, the first few rows I didn’t wrap it as close as I did in later rounds. The later rounds look better and the white cotton cord doesn’t really show through. I found if I wound the plastic around the cord in small sections and then crocheted around the cord, it worked best to keep the plastic tighter and uniform.

Hope you enjoy this free crochet pattern. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Free Plarn Pop Tab Bag Pattern

Materials needed:
One ball of plastic bag yarn aka Plarn
(Approx. 50 plastic newspaper bags cut into 1″ strips of plarn)
252 Soda pull-tabs
4 yards – 12/32 (9.5 mm) cotton cord

Hook: J (6 mm)size metal crochet hook
Description: Plastic Bag & Pop Tab Tote Bag
Bag measures 12 inches wide and 10 inches long with 18 inch straps

Ch 20 loosely.

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