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Basic Fingerless Gloves

October 27, 2011 16 comments
Basic Fingerless Gloves

As many of you know, I’m really into creating basic patterns that are easy to make. With that in mind, I set out to create some crocheted fingerless gloves. I love to work in the round, without joining or seams if possible. So here is my basic and very simple crocheted fingerless glove project.

After making this basic crocheted pair of fingerless gloves, I decided that I would try adding a bit of a thumb to it. Below is the pair of gloves that I crocheted with the optional thumb.

The second pair of gloves were crocheted just a bit smaller by only doing 40 rows of ribbing and 40 stitches along the edge for the body of the glove. This resulted in a 1/4 inch smaller cuff and finger opening area. I mention this as a way to show that this pattern can be adjusted for smaller hands by just reducing the number of stitches on the ribbing. Likewise, you could make larger gloves by just increasing the number of stitches of the ribbing when you begin the pattern.

Each pair of gloves use just one skein of yarn and do work up very quickly. As always, I hope you enjoy my free pattern and happy crocheting to all!


Basic Fingerless Glove Crochet Pattern

Red Heart Heart & Sole Yarn, Super Fine, Toasted Almond, 1.76 oz (50 g)

F (3.75 mm) size crochet hook
G (4-4.25 mm) size crochet hook

Women’s Medium sized fingerless gloves
Measurements: 8-3/4 inches long, 3-1/2 inches wide at cuff & 4 inches across at palm.

Make 2 gloves as follows:
Using F hook for ribbing, leave a long tail and ch 15.

Row 1
Sc in 3rd ch from hook and in ea st down to the end. (13 Sc)

Orange Plarn Trick or Treat Bag

October 15, 2011 10 comments
Orange Plarn Trick or Treat Bag

Using these orange plastic bags to create a trick or treat bag was a great way to recycle my newspaper bags. Here is my picture tutorial for cutting the newspaper bags to create plarn so you can crochet with the material.

For this project, I wanted to create large comfortable handles that could be put over a child’s arms for easy carrying of this basket type bag. I recycled a microwave dinner tray and cut the top rim off. I then hole punched around the base evenly so I could crochet into the plastic tray for the base of this bag. The dinner tray provides a flat and sturdy bottom to the bag which allows the bag to stand up nicely on its own.

Enjoy crocheting this recycled bag project and happy Halloween everyone!

Free Crocheted Pattern for a Recycled Plastic Trick or Treat Bag

Materials needed:
Orange plastic bags cut into 1 inch strips for plarn (approx 25 newspaper sacks used)

1) Plastic frozen dinner dinner tray with the rim cut off
(One used in project was 6-3/4 inches long & 3-1/2″ wide)

G (4-4.25 mm) sized metal hook for base row only
J (6 mm) sized metal hook

Description: Recycled Plastic Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Bag measures 7 inches long, 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall with 8-1/2″ handles

Using the tray after cutting off the rim, punch holes around the base as shown in the photo.
I used a heavy duty hole punch to put the holes around the base.

Three Years Later

October 11, 2011 Comments Off on Three Years Later
Three Years Later

October is breast cancer awareness month. It just so happens that it has been three years since my diagnoses of breast cancer. And it’s been exactly three years ago that in October of 2008 I finished up my cancer treatments. I haven’t written about what I called My Pink Journey in quite a while so this milestone seems like a good time for an update.

I am thrilled to report that I am cancer free. I just completed recent scans and everything is clear. Many people refer to this as NED (no evidence of disease) and we cancer survivors all love to say that we are dancing with NED. We all hope to continue to be dancing with him forever if possible.

I’ve heard it said that time heals us and while most of my physical issues from cancer have healed, it’s what remains that sometimes fills my thoughts and lingers in the back of my mind as I move forward with my life again after cancer. I’m sure its the same for other people that face this beast, you just hope and pray it never returns.

So as a reminder don’t forget to be diligent against this formidable foe. Self-exams are so important as no one knows a woman’s body better than herself. After all I found my own tumor and even my doctor didn’t think it seemed like anything until after a biopsy confirmed my cancer.

As I reflect back over the last three years, I think the most important thing I want to say is that cancer didn’t beat me. You do learn not to think about it every waking moment. You can get your life back. You are able to return to a new normal in your daily routines. And with the help of my faith, family and friends I am a stronger, better person today for having faced cancer.

Doll Bunting Pattern

October 7, 2011 6 comments
Doll Stocking Cap

This doll bunting pattern was adapted and printed with permission from Sue Thomson who designed a baby bunting for a newborn. Her free crochet pattern can be found here. After re-working the pattern several times, I finally got the right fit for a baby doll that is about 13 inches tall.

I crocheted the doll bunting and added a stocking cap to finish off the outfit. The hat is more of a sleeping cap for this outfit but the crochet pattern can be used for any doll that has a 10-1/2″ head circumference.

Enjoy the free doll bunting pattern below and happy crafting to all!

Baby Doll Bunting Pattern

Fits a 12-13″ Baby Doll
Bunting measures: 5″ wide between armholes, 6″ sleeve openings,
10″ around at neck and 14″ long

Hook: Metal G (4-4.25 mm) crochet hook

2.75 oz – worst weight yarn (Purple Puff used)
Small amount of white yarn for trim
One – 1/4 inch button for back closure

Ch 34
Row 1
Dc in 3rd ch from hook. Dc in next 5 sts, (Dc, ch 1, Dc) in next st; Dc in next 6 st, (Dc, ch 1, Dc) in next st; Dc in next 6 st, (Dc, ch 1, Dc) in next st; Dc in next 6 sts, (Dc, ch 1, Dc) in next st and Dc in last 5 sts. Ch 2, turn.

My New Pattern Page

October 1, 2011 5 comments

It is with great pleasure that I present to you my new and improved pattern page here at My Recycled Bags. With the help of my son, we have updated the old page with a thumbnail photo of each project and tutorial for easier access. The page is laid out by categories and materials now so you can quickly navigate the list of projects that you may be in search of.

It was fun and interesting as I went back over the nearly 5 years of patterns and posts that I have created here at my blog. I had forgotten about some of the older less used patterns as well as re-visiting the early creations I made with recycled materials.

So without further ado here is My Pattern Links page. I hope you enjoy using it and find it easier to locate my many different patterns that I provide free here at My Recycled Bags.

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