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Crocheted Loaf Pan Carrier

February 21, 2013 2 comments
Crocheted Loaf Pan Carrier

I thought I’d share my loaf pan carrier that I crocheted. I used the Crochet N More loaf tote pattern and did a few changes to fit my large loaf pan. A few people had commented on this pattern that it ran a bit small so I did a few modifications to make sure my loaf pan fit comfortably into the carrier tote.

I crocheted my loaf pan tote using two strands of Red Heart chunky yarn. The project used just under two skeins of RH Super Saver chunky yarn. I used two strands of Windsor colored yarn held together with a N (9 mm) crochet hook to work the pattern. I crocheted rows 2-12 of the pattern for a size of 5-3/4″ wide by 10-1/2″ long after row 12. After row 12 which is a repeat of row 6, I moved to row 14 and followed the patten thru row 16.

I used an H (5 mm) hook to work a single crochet (Sc) row around the top edge rather than doing the reverse Sc edging that the pattern called for. I did my edging row using just one strand of chunky yarn.

Cuffed Baby Sock Booties

February 7, 2013 14 comments
Cuffed Baby Sock Booties

Here are my crocheted baby booties that feature a cuffed top. I did a variation of the original slipper sock pattern by Sharon Klinsky that can be found on several different crochet sites.

There is a wonderful picture tutorial of the original pattern over at Coffee n’Crafts blog site that I found very useful to understand the pattern. Just use a single strand of worst weight yarn for baby booties that will fit a baby up to 6 months old. For a preemie sized newborn, I used a smaller crochet hook and some sport-fingering yarn. If you are wondering, the creme-colored preemie socks shown below have a different stitch look because I turned the toe portion inside out before adding the ribbed heel. By reversing the toe portion, it results in a horizontal stitch look rather than a circular pattern.

Cuffed Baby Sock Booties

Crocheted Baby Cuffed Sock Booties

Crochet hook: H (5 mm) hook

Yarn: 1 oz Worst Weight Yarn
Newborn to 6 months old 3-1/2″ long by 2″ wide (standing)
Preemie – Newborn size using sport yarn and a G hook is 2-1/2″ long by 1-1/2″ wide

Preemie Size Cuffed Baby Booties

Rnd 1
Ch 2, work 5 Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Don’t join as the toe section is worked in rounds without joining. Place a stitch marker at the beginning of each round.

Double Picket Stitch Plarn Tote

February 1, 2013 No comments yet
Double Picket Stitch Plarn Tote

Time to share a new recycled bag project. I’ve been busy with charity crocheting but rest assured, I’m always working on recycled craft projects too. Here is a recycled bag that features a double picket stitch design. In the original Plarn Picket Stitch tote pattern, I crocheted just a single picket stitch on the plastic bag tote. In this tote bag, I repeated the special stitch pattern to add a different look to the project.

Follow the original crochet pattern instructions through round 28. Then repeat rounds 24 and 25 to make another round of pickets on the tote bag. Once you have the 2nd round of pickets done, simply finish the reusable tote by working rounds 26-32 from the original pattern. Basically by adding the double picket stitch design, you increase the length of the tote bag by about 2 inches.

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