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Recycling Toilet Paper Packaging

Posted on April 7, 2013

I’m always looking for new ways to recycle and repurpose plastic waste such as this large toilet paper packaging. When I see something like this plastic I just want to find some useful way to reuse it. So I set out to create plastic yarn or plarn from this piece of packaging.

Because this plastic packaging is very large, I cut it into one continuous long strip about 1 inch wide. I started at the one opened end of the packaging to begin cutting. I placed the piece of plastic across my leg and used the scissors to cut around and around. I just kept cutting the strip around the plastic and through the seams. The seams on this packaging are very strong and glued so I believe it will hold for crafting without having to worry about the seams coming apart.

The result is one ball of plarn that netted 45 yards of yarn for crafting. Getting pretty colorful bags is difficult at times so I’m pleased that I was able to reclaim this pretty blue and white plastic into a nice useable ball of yarn.

Plastic Yarn Ball from Toilet Paper Packaging

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2 Responses to “Recycling Toilet Paper Packaging”

  1. Sarbjit Singh
    May 23, 2013

    I have never thought that plastic bags recycled and reused in this innovation way as some other things that are very important like bags, crafting, soap dish. Amazing I must say. Thanks for sharing this innovative knowledge and experience. I will also try this.

  2. Sojagranulat
    Mar 06, 2014

    Hey, that’s an interesting idea! I always use the toilet paper packaging as a bag for the wastebin in the bathroom, but I never thought about using it as yarn. I have to check out your other posts to see how to do it 🙂 -Seb

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