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Essay: Recycling Plastic Bags

Posted on April 25, 2016

Plastic Bag to RecycleWhat is the most popular common item that pollutes natural environment? Without doubt, it is the plastic bag. The plastic bag is the most usual and integral part of our life. Sometimes, we do not pay attention to the fact that every store provides us with packs of plastic bags. They are used as sacks or wraps of food products and all other kinds of goods. There is hardly a person who does not carry her goods from a shop in a small or big plastic bag. When you enter a supermarket, you take a plastic bag automatically in order to keep apples, potatoes, oranges or biscuits there. An average customer takes more than ten plastic bags being in a supermarket. Thus, a supermarket uses thousands of bags daily. A chain of supermarkets uses millions of plastic bags annually. When we take a plastic bag, we do not think about its fate. We do not think about the problems that can occur when we throw it away. The effect of this action is dramatic whereas this item requires hundreds of years to be recycled in the natural way. Therefore, billions of plastic bags pollute seas, oceans, rivers and soil. Very often, plastic bags are found in the stomachs of fish, birds and wild animals. Needless to say but such a simple thing as a plastic bag can kill an animal. What is more, plastic bags spoil the general view of our streets and parks. Although they do not cause harm directly, the view of lying plastic bags in the street is not aesthetic. Thereof, it is vital to collect plastic bags and utilize them making our planet cleaner.

The best way to stop the enormous rates of littering is to recycle plastic bags inasmuch as they are the main sources of pollution. Many people think that it is impossible to recycle plastic bags. Others think that plastic bags are ecologically unsafe and they prefer using paper bags. In fact, scientists have proved that plastic bags are safe and more profitable than paper bags. According to the latest information, no more than 0.5% of one barrel of oil is used for the production of all plastic bags that are used in the USA. For that reason, plastic bags are more economical whereas a paper bag requires 70% more energy for its production. Consequently, paper bags contribute into the increase of the rates of global warming process. In addition, natural gas and oil is not as considerable as wood.

How can one recycle plastic bags? The process is very easy. The majority of retailers, grocers and supermarkets possess special collection bins that are used for the accumulation of the used bags. When you go to a supermarket, you take dozens of bags there. Hereupon, you can take the old bags and throw them away into the collection bins when you go to the supermarket the next day. Of course, you should bear in mind that there are special requirements towards the condition of the used bags. You must not throw away greasy bags or the bags that possess food residue or stickers. A plastic bag should be clean and dry. Some stores provide people with the collection bins that accept a wider variety of plastic film. For instance, you can recycle plastic wraps of various products, bread bags, cereal box liners, etc.

If we speak about the USA and other developed countries, people do not have any troubles with finding collection bins. There are local stores and supermarkets that can be found right by the place you live. You can be surprised but plastic bags are the ‘easiest’ products for recycling. Such products are paper boxes and bags are much more troublesome whereas it is hard to find a clean item of this sort. Experts say that it is impossible to recycle greasy boxes. Unluckily, the majority of paper boxes, packets and bags contain food residue and grease. As a result, these items are simple growth away without recycling. Plastic bags are more practical. If you go green and struggle for the safety of natural environment, you can wash plastic bags making them appropriate for recycling.

Recycling plastic bags is a paramount activity that can help people improve the condition of natural environment. If we recycle these items, we will save resources and protect our planet from pollution and littering. We will save thousands of animals, fish and birds from the terrible death caused by a simple plastic bag.

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