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Hashbrowns Bags Recycled

Posted on March 28, 2017

I have been saving hashbrowns 5 pound plastic bags to recycle them into a crocheted basket. I saved 5 bags and cut them into plastic bag yarn or plarn. Because the bags are made from thick plastic, I cut one long continuous strip about 1/2 inch wide. I joined the strips together with a knot which I then just hid within my stitches as I worked the basket.

Each bag cut in a single 1/2 inch wide strand equals 23 yards of plarn. When I started this project I had 5 bags cut up and began crocheting the basket using my small recycled plastic basket pattern. Here is the link to crochet the project recycled plastic basket pattern.

I used a total of 4 hashbrown bags and a few brown retail bags (top) cut up for this project.

Here is main panel of the basket as I crocheted with the hashbrown bags cut into plarn.

Another picture of the basket tray I crocheted from the recycled hashbrowns bags.

Overall this project was pain-staking as crocheting with the thick plastic was difficult. It was hard on my hands but the outcome was worth all the struggles. Crafting with recycled materials isn’t always easy but the finished products are always so lovely and rewarding.

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  1. Zeeshan
    Apr 02, 2017

    very beautiful.

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