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Recycled Plastic Bag Clothes Pin Bags

Posted on December 8, 2017

I have been working on an order of clothes pin bags crocheted from recycled plastic bags. These bags are crocheted using recycled plastic retail bags cut about an inch thick. The strips are joined by using the looping method to create what is called plarn.

Here is one more I crocheted with white plastic bags along with a few rounds of blue bags for an accent stripe. I love adding the ribbon to the projects as it spices up the recycled bag look.

I have crocheted many clothes pin “peg” bags over the years. This is one of my earliest plastic bag patterns that dates back to 2007 when I started my blog. Here is the free plarn clothes pin pattern.

Feel free to use the pattern to crochet your own recycled clothes pin bag or for charity work. It is also fine to sell the clothes pin bags you make using my pattern and please just provide pattern credit to My Recycled Bags. Also I do acccept orders for this bag and have one available for immediate purchase at my products page.

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5 Responses to “Recycled Plastic Bag Clothes Pin Bags”

  1. Abderrahim Gadmy
    Dec 09, 2017

    Such pretty and ecological bags. The clothes hanger was a nice touch

  2. Nancy
    Dec 10, 2017

    Nice bags! But it is unbelievable that these bags are crocheted using recycled plastic retail bags. My friend,thanks for your sharing, and I like your post very much.

  3. Nancy
    Dec 14, 2017

    Using recycled plastic retail bags is amazing! Besides, that is so protective. I like this post very much.

  4. Eric Ben
    Dec 31, 2017

    such a nice bag collection

  5. Asad
    Jan 02, 2018

    nice article. Everyone knows that now a days that plastic waste is increasing exponentially. We will have to drive ways to cover that up. Your article is nice in this respect that you have shared ideas that will help people recycle plastic bags and other products as well.

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