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Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments

December 17, 2023 No comments yet
Recycled Old Christmas Cards into Ornaments

If you are like me, you just hate not saving those pretty Christmas cards that you receive each year. So let’s recycle those beautiful old cards into something new and keep on enjoying them.

Here is a before photo of the cards that I punched holes all around the edges.

Next you just need a small crochet hook to work into the holes. I use a small hole punch and a C (2.75 mm) crochet hook in my projects. I have a picture tutorial and full details can be found here on how to make these recycled Christmas card ornaments.

Here is one of my favorite cards, that I cut in half and glued the pieces back to back. See photo below of each side of this Christmas ornament.

Christmas Towel Toppers

December 9, 2023 No comments yet
Christmas Crocheted Towel Topper

Here are two Christmas towels that I bought at the Dollar Store. They make wonderful holiday themed towels by adding a crocheted towel topper with a jingle bell.

I used the double layered towel topper pattern that is a free crochet pattern.

I did work the handle on 8 stitches just because this 24/7 cotton yarn is thin. This gives the handle a bit more strength for hanging it up. For the buttonhole, I crocheted 2 chains and skipped 2 stitches for the space for the jingle bell. Depending on the size of the button or jingle bell you use, just adjust your stitches to make the hole big enough for the size you need.

Here is one more photo of the other Christmas towel topper.

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