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Crocheted Knob Pot Cover

January 1, 2010 7 comments
Rug Yarn Knob Cover

As promised in my last post, here is my crocheted knob pot cover pattern. This project was worked using recycled t-shirts cut into t-yarn or tarn. Tarn is the material created by cutting the t-shirt into a long strip about 3/8″ to 1/2″ wide and then is gently stretched so the tarn curls in on itself. Here is my tutorial for making what I call curled t-yarn.

For those people who would like to crochet this knob cover using rug or chunky yarn, here is a picture of my lid cover crocheted using some black rug yarn. I have included the option for crocheting with rug yarn in the free pattern below.

Depending on your knob size, you may need to adjust your stitches in the crochet pattern posted. The important thing is to check the fit of your cover as you crochet the rounds so your knob cover fits snugly and doesn’t slip off.

I just love my knob cover and use it all the time on my old glass crockpot lid. It is so nice now to just slip the cover over the knob and I can lift the lid without having to worry about it being too hot or slipping out of my hand.

I hope you enjoy this free pattern and want to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year.
Have a wonderful 2010 everyone!


Crocheted Knob Pot and Lid Cover Pattern

Materials needed:
Small amount of tarn (t-shirt yarn) cut into 3/8-1/2 inches inch wide strips and gently pulled to curl your tarn

Option: Rug yarn or a chunky yarn can be used in place of tarn see pattern changes at the bottom.
Hook: H (5 mm) U.S. size metal crochet hook

Finished knob cover is 1-3/4 inches wide at top and 3 inches wide at base

Rnd 1
Using t-yarn / tarn or rug yarn make a magic circle and Sc 7 times into circle. Do NOT turn your work in this project. Mark so you know where the round starts as you do not join in this project unless specially told to but rather just continue working in rounds. […]

Recycled T-Yarn Kitchen Set

December 27, 2009 3 comments
T-Yarn Kitchen Set

Now that Christmas is over, I can share my t-yarn kitchen set that I made as a gift. It was crocheted using recycled tee-shirts cut into yarn or tarn as some call this recycled craft material. My set included a trivet, potholder, knob cover and a skillet handle.

If crafting with recycled tee-shirts is new to you, here is my tutorial on how to create what I call curled t-yarn or tarn. Below is the free pattern for the round t-yarn potholder. I previously posted the patterns for the trivet hotpad here and the skillet handle cover here.

The knob cover pattern is available now here. I wanted to keep this post to just the free pattern for the round potholder so people could find each pattern more easily on my patterns page. In case you didn’t know, my patterns page has all my patterns listed together so you can find them quickly by clicking here.

T-Yarn Round Potholder Pattern

Materials needed:
One tee-shirt (white) and another partial shirt of contrasting color (blue)
Cut into 1/4 inch wide strips and gently pull to curl your t-yarn

Hook: K (6.5 mm) size metal crochet hook
Finished Potholder approx: 7 inches wide

Make Two

Rnd 1
Using magic circle with white t-yarn, work 6 Sc in circle. Do not turn your work in this project. […]

T-Yarn Baby Bib

August 28, 2009 10 comments
T-Yarn Baby Bib

Here is my latest t-yarn or tarn project that is created from recycled tee-shirts. I cut an old white tee-shirt up into a very narrow strip about 1/4 inch wide. The shirt I used had no side seams so I just cut around and around the body of the shirt to create one long strip. I then gently pulled on the strip to curl the t-yarn into a nice thin strand which I used to crochet this baby bib. Here is a tutorial on how I cut and curl the t-shirts into curled t-yarn or tarn.

So if you haven’t already tried crafting with recycled t-shirts, check out the process and give it a go. It’s a great way to repurpose those old t-shirts into cool new items.

Free Pattern for Crocheted T-Yarn Baby Bib

Materials needed:

One white T-Shirt cut into 1/4 inch wide strip and stretched to curl into T-yarn (about 1/2 of shirt used)
1/2 oz of cotton yarn (Pink used)
One hook and eye closure

H (5 mm) USA size crochet hook

Description: Baby Bib measures 7-1/2″wide at middle and 11″ long

Ch 18 […]

Curled T-Yarn Trivet Hotpad

June 7, 2009 22 comments
T-Yarn Trivet Hotpad

Here is my first curled T-shirt yarn or T-yarn project. Curled T-yarn is created by cutting an old recycled tee-shirt into strips and then stretching the strip so it curls in on itself. This creates a circular-type yarn from the t-shirt strip. Here is my picture tutorial on how I make recycled curled T-shirt yarn. My finished project is done in a basic motif granny stitch pattern. This trivet hotpad is not only very frugal as it didn’t cost me anything, it’s also an excellent way to upcycle old tee-shirts into a new cool reusable item.

All photos are clickable to supersize them

Here is a closeup of the T-yarn once its cut and stretched.

Free T-Yarn Motif Hotpad Crochet Pattern

Materials needed:
One large t-shirt without side seams (blue) – Cut and stretched into approx. 65 yards of T-yarn
Small amount of contrasting T-Yarn (white)

Hook: J U.S. size metal crochet hook

Finished Hotpad Trivet: 7 inches wide

With center color Ch 4, Sl St to form ring. […]

Tee-Shirt Recycled into a Handbag

May 23, 2009 27 comments
Tee-Shirt Cut

Recycled your old tee-shirts into a cute handbag. I crocheted this purse using two t-shirts and a part of another for the striping. I added a flower as an embellishment and here is my final result.

Click to supersize photos

Here is a photo showing how I cut around the tee-shirt to create “yarn” to crochet with. You just continue cutting in one continuous strip and go around corners as shown. If you do need to join two strips, either overlap and weave under your ends or join splicing strips together by either hand or machine stitching the ends together. Another method that doesn’t require sewing the strips together is to make a small slit hole at the end of the two strips you need to splice together. The slit should be cut lengthwise only about 1/2 inch from the end of the strip and should only be big enough to allow the next strip to pass through it. Hold the two strips with the holes together then take the uncut end and lace it through two holes. Pull the strip completely through the holes and pull tight to make the splice as small as possible.

Have fun with this project by recycling your tee-shirts into a charming eco-friendly handbag. The materials are free and so is the crochet pattern below.

Free Crocheted Recycled Tee-Shirt Bag Pattern

Bag measures 10 inches wide and 9″ long with 8″ handles.

Material: Three different colored tee-shirts cut into 1/2″ to 3/4 inch strips

Hook: Metal N (9 mm) crochet hook

Chain 12 […]


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