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Audio Tape Reels

August 9, 2013 5 comments
Audio Tape Reels

Earlier this year someone sent me several vintage audio tape reels. I had never crafted with this type of film tape before and was excited to give it a try. I figured the tape would be similar to vcr video tape or cassette tape when I crocheted with it.

The tape from vcr and cassette tapes is strong and a bit stretchable. You can crochet and knit with the recycled material without it breaking very often. The material while strong is still flexible enough to create many different recycled video tape projects and cassette tape items. Unfortunately this was not the case with these old audio tapes.

My first attempt at crocheting with the tapes resulted in the tape strand breaking almost immediately. I could only crochet a stitch or two before one of the tapes broke. I typically crochet with two strands of recycled tape as it provides a more durable product. I tried one strand, I tried two strands, I tried adding a strand of yarn for stability, and nothing worked.

Recycled Video Tape Purse

May 8, 2011 14 comments
Recycled Video Tape Purse

If you are into recycled crafting, you might want to try crafting with vcr video tapes. The beauty is using these reels of pre-made materials is that you simply just need to open up the cases and away you can go with your crafting. You can use my tutorial on how to turn vcr video tape into “yarn” to craft your projects.

This week I broke down some old vcr tapes that I had to crochet this purse. I added some lacy ribbon yarn that I got at the dollar store for 99 cents to add a different look to the project. Below is closeup of my finished project.

Recycling video tapes into craft projects is always fun and while it’s not the easiest material to work with, the results are very pretty. The unique shine of the tape is beautiful and the ribbon yarn gives it a colorful finish. Plus its a great way to recycled those old video tapes that so many people just have laying around and can’t figure what to do with them. Well here ya go!

Free Crocheted Video Tape Purse Pattern

Purse measures 9 inches wide and 7 inches long
Strap length is 32 inches long

2 VCR VHS Tape Reels (only used about 1/4 of each reel)
One 3/4 inch button
3/4 oz Lion Brand Trellis Lacy Ribbon Yarn (Pastel Garden shown)

N (9 mm) crochet hook for main purse
J (6 mm) crochet hook for flap trim

Using 2 strands of video tape held together, Chain 20.

Rnd 1
Hdc in 2nd ch from hook in each chain. Continue around the corner and down the back side of chain by working a Hdc in every stitch of chain.

VCR Tape Designer Bag

May 1, 2010 25 comments
VCR Bag Finished Lining

This is my first vcr tape designer bag. This bag was a custom order from a customer of mine that sent me a picture of a specific purse she wanted crocheted from recycled vcr tape. I crocheted the shell and added the two handles as outlined in the description that accompanied the photo. I lined the purse and also added a removal insert that I created from plastic canvas to give the bottom of the bag a sturdy base.

I took several photos of the project as it progressed. I hope you will find the photos useful as you craft this recycled vcr tape bag. You could also use the crochet pattern below to make the bag using plastic bags (plarn) or bulky yarn. Just adjust your gauge and work the pattern to create your own unique recycled designer bag.

Free Pattern for Crocheted Video Tape Designer Handbag

Materials needed:
2) VHS video tapes recycled into yarn
4) 3/4 inch D rings
1) 1 inch Button
2/3 yards of fabric for lining
50 inches of 3/8 inch cording
1) Magnetic closure
1) 15″ long by 4″ wide piece of plastic canvas for bottom insert
Small amount of super glue

Hooks: N (9 mm) and J (6 mm) metal crochet hooks
Description: VCR designer handbag measures 15-1/2 inches wide, 10 inches tall and 4-3/4 inches wide at base with 22 inch handles.

Using N hook with 2 strands of vcr tape held together, Ch 28.

Recycled Halloween Treat Cup

October 7, 2009 2 comments
VCR Tape Halloween Cup

Here is a quick and easy way to recycle your yogurt cups and make some cute Halloween treat cups. I have been wanting to do a recycled craft project using yogurt cups and I came up with the idea to crochet these cup holders. I used some orange yarn I picked up from a thrift store along with a strand of vcr video tape. Here is my tutorial on how to use vhs video tape as yarn if you are new to this recycled crafting site. You hold one strand of yarn along with the video tape to crochet these treat cup baskets.

Once you have the little basket crocheted, insert the yogurt cup inside and you can fill it with treats. These also would make wonderful Halloween party favors. Please enjoy this recycled craft project and Happy Halloween!

Recycled Halloween Treat Cup Pattern

Materials needed:
3/4 oz Orange Yarn
Small amount of recycled Vcr video tape
Yogurt cup

N (9 mm) metal crochet hook

Halloween Treat Cup – measures 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall with 9 inch handle strap

Rnd 1
Holding one strand of vcr tape together with orange yarn, Ch 4 and join with a Sl St to form a ring.

Readers Creations

June 25, 2009 8 comments
Recycled Hobo Plarn Purse

I want to share some of my readers creations that have been emailed to me. Several of my crafty readers have sent me photos of their completed plarn (plastic bag yarn), VCR, and cassette tape recycled bags. I just love seeing everyone’s finished projects and hope you enjoy them too. Click on any of the photos to supersize them.

Libby’s Motif Tote Bag

Libby from Texas used my colorful granny square motif pattern to crochet her bag. She did put one more row of sc around the top before starting the handle. You can find the free pattern link for this recycled plastic tote bag here.

Libby’s Cassette Tape Beaded Bag

Libby’s brown evening purse was made with two strands of cassette tape and two strands of brown ribbon that came from a sweater she unraveled. How cool is that its double recycled! She wanted a purse with beads in the strap, so she added some beautiful beads and used a nifty knitter for the rest of the strap. A magnetic button closure was added with beads glued to cover the prongs on the outside.

Another reader Diane has been busy creating several of my recycled bag patterns. First she shared with me the hobo bag that she made using this recycled plastic bag pattern. She tweaked the pattern by adding a cell phone pocket, used a zipper instead of a magnetic snap and put other pockets in the lining.
Diane’s Blue Ribbon Hobo Purse

Diane also crocheted a plastic tote bag using my colorful motif pattern. She completed her tote bag by lining it with some pretty material that matched her motifs.

Then Diane used my green shopping bag pattern found here to crochet her yellow reusable grocery bag.

Next Bonnye shared some VCR tape bags she crocheted with fun fur added. As shown below she used recycled VCR video tape and fun fur together to create some very cool looking bags!

Thanks to all my readers who sent in photos sharing their recycled crafting projects. I really enjoyed all your beautiful work with upcycled materials. Keep those great green craft projects coming!

Spool Knitter & VCR Tape

June 21, 2008 12 comments
Red Fun Fur VCR Purse

I purchased a new craft tool recently. It’s called a Spool Knitter. This little plastic weaving tool is so handy for making purse straps that I wanted to share it with you.

My first test was to weave a purse strap using recycled VCR tape. Here is a closeup of my strap which you can click on to view full sized.

Here is a photo of the completed VCR / VHS tape purse with my woven strap.

Like this little red fun fur VCR bag? If so here is the free pattern which has a crocheted strap or you can use a Spool Knitter to create a woven strap. This tool also works wonderfully to weave with regular yarn and recycled plastic bag yarn or plarn. Whatever your material, you can create nice sturdy straps quickly with this gadget.

VCR Tape & Ribbon Sling Bag

March 23, 2008 26 comments
VCR-Ribbon Sling Bag

Here is my latest VCR tape sling bag crocheted along with some ribbon yarn. A local group is making purses for girls in foster care in my area. I crocheted several different purses and decided that I would create one sling bag using recycled VCR tape for the purse drive. It has that funky teen-look so I hope some young lady enjoys it.

If you are new to the concept of crocheting with recycled VCR or VHS tape here is the link to the picture tutorial which shows how this process is done.

Creating purses and bags from recycled materials is always fun. Try adding different yarn or ribbon together with the VCR tape to accomplish different looks. Add additional embellishments to your finished bags to create that unique one-of-a-kind look.

Have fun and happy green crafting to you all!

Free Crocheted VHS Tape and Ribbon Sling Bag Pattern

Purse measures 8 inches wide and 8 inches long
Strap length is 44 inches

2 VCR VHS Tape Reels (only used about ¼ of each reel)
One button 1-1/2 inch button shown on bag
Small amount of Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon Yarn (City Lights shown)

Hook: Metal N (9 mm) crochet hook

Using 2 strands of VCR tape held together, Chain 18.

Vcr Tape Ribbon Tote

September 28, 2007 19 comments

Do you have some old vhs video tapes wasting away around the house? Well crochet yourself a recycled tote bag using those old tapes. This bag was crocheted from vhs tape and Lion Brand ribbon yarn. I made this tote bag for a co-worker for Christmas after she saw a prior bag I crafted and really wanted one. So I got busy and crocheted this tote for her for the upcoming Christmas gift exchange.

If you are new to crocheting with vcr tape here is the link for using vcr tape as yarn. It is a great way to recycle those old vcr vhs tapes into a wonderful reusable product.

Free Pattern for a Crocheted Vcr Tape Ribbon Tote Bag

Materials needed:
2 Vhs Vcr video long play tapes (T-120)
2 rolls of Lion Brand ribbon yarn City Lights #21008, 110 yards each

Hook: N (9 mm) size metal crochet hook

Description: Tote Bag
Bag measures 13 inches wide and 14 inches long

7 Hdc = 3 inches
2 Rnds = 1 inch

Using 2 strands of vhs video tape with one strand of ribbon yarn, Ch 28.

Vcr V Evening Bag

August 25, 2007 9 comments

Check out the latest in Vhs video tape fashion. It’s a little black evening bag crocheted from video tape. I have named this pattern the V Evening Bag because of the V-shaped flap and in honor that it is made from Vcr video tape. This bag features my seamless purse technique. No side seam stitching necessary in this quick and easy pattern. If you are new to using Vcr Vhs tape as yarn here is the link to the picture tutorial on how to use the tape as yarn. This is a great way to recycle those old Vhs tapes that you probably still have lying around the house somewhere. So create yourself a nice little evening bag and use up some of those tapes at the same time.


Free Pattern for Crocheted V Evening Bag

Materials needed:
(2) VHS video tapes
(1) 1-1/8″ Button

Hooks: N and J USA size metal crochet hooks

Description: Evening Bag measures 9 inches wide at bottom and 6 inches long

Using N hook with 2 strands of vhs video tape held together, Ch 20.

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