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Happy New Year 2008 Everyone!

December 30, 2007 7 comments

Well as a new year is just about upon us, I reflect on the past year. I remember about this time last year, I was contemplating the launching of this site. I wasn't sure people would want to read about recycled crafts and come to get patterns here for projects. I wanted to make everything free and that way I hoped that people would want to come and learn about recycled crafting here. To date, I have had about 180,000 visitors and 575,000 page views at this site. I have meet some fantastic people and learned many wonderful things from other crafters and bloggers. So thank you and Happy New Year Everyone!

Plastic Bag Doormat Rug

December 26, 2007 20 comments

Several people have asked me for a rug pattern crocheted using recycled plastic bags or plarn. So what better way to kick off the after Christmas crafting but by doing a reader suggested project. Someone suggested a doormat which sounded like a great project. I wanted my doormat rug to be rectangle in shape and have a pretty pattern. So I modified the typical granny square pattern to make a rectangle-shaped rug. It turned out pretty good but my corners are a bit pointed. I’m not sure if that was because of the plarn or my pattern but the rug is very functional. It works great for muddy shoes as you can just rinse it off when it gets dirty. If you must wash it, remember use a gentle cycle in your washer and do not dry it in the dryer as it will melt.

My Recycled Plastic Doormat Rug

If you need instructions on how to make plastic bag yarn or plarn, here is the link to my picture tutorial. If you have never made yarn from bags, it will walk you through the process. For everyone else, you’re all set now so go and have fun making yourself a recycled plastic doormat!


Free Recycled Doormat Rug Pattern Using Plastic Bags
with Placemat Variation

Size: 21 inches wide x 17 inches rectangle rug
Hook: N (9 mm) crochet hook

Large ball of white plastic bags cut and tied into yarn (plarn)
Small ball of blue and grey plastic bag yarn (plarn) used for center motif

WW – Have a Blessed Merry Christmas!

December 19, 2007 17 comments

Bloggers Unite in Acts of Kindness

December 17, 2007 10 comments

Today is a very special day in which Bloggers everyone unite in acts of kindness.

BlogCatalog challenged it’s members and bloggers everywhere to do something good offline ‘an act of kindness’ and then post about it, using words, pictures, and/or videos to tell the story on December 17.

I had the privilege to crochet some recycled wheelchair and walker totes for my local VA hospital recently. It was an honor to create my own pattern for a recycled plastic tote bag that could be used on a wheelchair or walker.
Click on pictures to view full-sized

Then I was compelled to create a patriotic pattern which I did using scraps of red, white and blue yarn.

Several of these totes bags were crocheted and given to our well deserving Veteran’s at the VA hospital. I also share the patterns here freely to anyone who would like to pass along an act of kindness to a family member, friend, or someone who may need one of these handy bags. It’s a wonderful feeling to do something nice for someone! So go and do it!

Denim Christmas Stocking

December 8, 2007 11 comments

Craft a recycled denim Christmas stocking this holiday. I used a pant leg of some old jeans and a printed stocking panel to make this unique Christmas stocking. I then topped it off with a crocheted top edge and a jingle bell.

Here is the back of the stocking. I left mine plain but you could add embellishments. Another option is to just make your entire stocking like this one and not use a printed panel as I did on the stocking above. Either way your recycled denim Christmas stocking is sure to be one-of-a-kind!

Below is a mini tutorial showing the steps to make your denim Christmas stocking.

Recycled Grocery Tote Bag

December 2, 2007 16 comments

Need another idea for a handmade Christmas gift? Well how about crocheting a grocery tote bag from recycled plastic bags. Gifts that are handmade are very popular this holiday season. What better idea is a handmade, reusable, and eco-friendly gift all in one! You can add a holiday trim to your bag as shown.

Or just plain as shown here. Either way it’s a wonderful gift that can be used over and over.
Click for larger view

Free Pattern for Crocheted Grocery Tote Bag

Materials needed:
One very large ball of plastic bag yarn aka Plarn
Approx. 60-70 plastic grocery bags

Hook: N (9 mm) size metal crochet hook

Description: Grocery Tote Bag
Bag measures 13 inches wide and 13 inches long with 9 inch handles

Ch 28

Christmas Gift Bag

November 23, 2007 21 comments

Need a quick little Christmas gift bag? Check out this cute crocheted gift bag made from recycled plastic grocery bags.

I added a bit of fun fur on the drawstring and a candy cane to complete this unique bag. You can be creative and add trim around the top edge or just tie a bow as shown below.

This gift bag measures 6 inches wide by 8 inches long with a drawstring closure. Fill your gift bag with candy or maybe even a handcrafted item. Either way it’s a wonderful eco-friendly gift idea that can be reused after Christmas as a little ditty bag or even as a small handbag.

Free Crocheted Recycled Gift Bag Pattern

Materials needed:
One ball of plastic bag yarn aka plarn cut into 1 inch strips
Small amount of fun fur for drawstring (approx. 40 inches long)

N (9 mm) size crochet hook for bag and smaller hook for drawstring

Description: Gift Bag
Bag measures 6 inches wide and 8 inches long

Ch 3, join with a Sl St to form a ring.

Recycled Craft Contest

November 21, 2007 2 comments
Use Logo

My blog buddy Nannybird has a fantastic recycled craft contest going on at her blog site. Quoting Nannybird from her site “She wants you to enter the Recycled Craft Contest! It doesn’t have to be a big craft, it doesn’t have to be a newly made one either, it can be something you made out of scraps of new materials too, so come on folks lets get creative and share what we made using ‘found’ material!!

Check out the link above for all the details and the prizes. So hurry and get those recycled projects entered.

Send your entries to her email address:
nannybirdcrafts (at) yahoo (dot) com. Type in the subject line Contest Entry.

Recycled Denim Potholder

November 16, 2007 29 comments

I’ve been on a bit of a kick recycling denim jeans lately. I’ve made several tote bags from old jeans which are posted here under the Denim Crafts category. I’ve been wanting to make a potholder and still want to make a oven mitt too. But first things first, right? Here is my recycled denim potholder complete with a jeans pocket!

Here is my denim potholder in use.

Old recycled denim makes great potholders. All you need is an old pair of jeans, some cotton for padding and I added a piece of insul-bright. Insul-bright is an inexpensive reflective material that is designed for providing padding for potholders, oven mitts etc. Use only 100% cotton towels and cotton crafting batting. Do not use polyester batting or towels as the heat passes right through that material. I paid less than a dollar for a small piece of insul-bright so I figure this is a bargain to provide a good insulation for my potholder. Plus I have leftovers for my future oven mitt project.

Below you will find my step-by-step picture tutorial on how to make this recycled denim potholder.

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