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Time For The Big Haircut

May 25, 2008 36 comments

The time has come for the big haircut. This isn’t just a trim to get me by. Last Thursday, which was day 14 after my first chemo treatment, my hair began to fall out. My hair has been shoulder length for years. On Thursday, those long strands began to just fall out. Of course I had to keep checking and each time I pulled on a few strands, my hair came right out. I could only laugh to prevent myself from crying. I’ve known this day was coming. In fact, the doctor was right on target with his prediction of when my hair might begin to fall out.

Thursday night, my falling hair took a more serious move and I had to call my dear neighbor friend Joanne to help me. After some tears, a good heart-to-heart talk with my friend and a glass of wine, I got my nerves and my emotions in check. Yes its only hair and no I’m not just my hair. I’ve heard it said, if the chemo is doing this to ones hair, what can it be doing to those nasty cancer cells. So Joanne trimmed my hair short on the back and sides to get me through a few more days as she just didn’t have the heart to shave it all off. It looked quite cute and gave me a few days to adjust to short hair. But I knew what was coming and it was just three days away.

Sunday arrived and my hair is really not wanting to enjoy the holiday weekend with me. I know the time has come and it needs to be today. So on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, with a sweet breeze blowing off the creek onto our porch, my husband and I took the next step in our pink journey and shaved my head. Yes my head’s not too pretty looking now but feels so much better. I donned a bandanna scarf and with my head held high, I continue on down the roadway of my pink journey.

Recycled Plastic Hobo Handbag

May 16, 2008 25 comments
Brn Hobo Handle

This hobo handbag was crocheted using recycled plastic bags. It is a pattern that I adapted from Dao over at ShortyLamCrochet Blogspot. I emailed Dao several times to work out some details because to create her bag using plastic bag yarn or plarn, the pattern required some modifications. We agreed that I would post her pattern link which is done with regular yarn. Below you will find my variation of her pattern done in plarn.

Inside of Lined Hobo Bag Click to View Full-Sized

Strap Made Using Spool Knitter

Free Plastic Bag Hobo Handbag Pattern

Materials needed:
One large ball of brown plastic bag yarn aka Plarn
1 set of 1 inch D rings or circle rings
2 yards of ribbon (1/2″-3/4″ will work)
Magnetic clasp closure
Material for lining if desired

N (9 mm) Metal crochet hook
J (6 mm) Metal crochet hook

Description: Recycled Plastic Hobo Bag
Bag measures 14 inches wide and 10 inches long

Rnd 1
Ch 29

I Have Survived Round One

May 12, 2008 21 comments
Pink Ribbon

What a difference 5 days makes. Today is day 5 after my first chemo treatment on May 8. I actually feel pretty normal today. The first few days were pretty shaky and I felt very weak. I did take all my pre-meds for nausea and post-meds too. I thank God that I didn’t get sick to the point of throwing up. Not to say I didn’t have waves of nausea. They say that they have come so far now that you don’t have to be sick all the time during chemo treatments and I believe it now. Sure you’re pretty much down for 3-4 days but for me I have survived round one of chemo fairly well.

I haven’t lost my hair yet but I know that day will come soon. Probably next week but at least I’m feeling good now and passed the worse of round one. My husband and youngest son who is still at home have been wonderful. They have been getting dinner ready, cleaning, vacuuming, and otherwise waiting on me as needed. Tonight I have dinner made so that will be a nice treat for them. I plan to return to work tomorrow also. I know everyone is happy to see me feeling better too. It has been very stressful on my family to see me struggling with this BC. It is just such a relief to have one round behind me and now I can get back to doing the thing I truly love — making recycled bags!

Real Deal Brazil Recycled Bag

May 11, 2008 6 comments
Brazil Bag Insides

I recently received this cool tote bag from Robert over at Real Deal Brazil . The Real Deal Brazil have been making hats in Brazil that are crafted from recycled tarps of Brazilian cargo trucks in an attempt to cut down on the wasting of resources.

They shipped this sample recycled tote bag for my review. They wanted my opinion on the product as they are apparently going to start making them from the old tarps along with the hats. Because they graciously sent me their product without charge, I agreed to provide a complimentary review of their new recycled product.

Upon inspection, I found the bag measures 12-1/2″ wide by 12″ long and a side depth of 4″ with 24″ straps. The bag has been nicely constructed with the outer portion from old recycled tarps. Pieces of tarp have been cleverly added to the front to embellish it along with a 9″ by 7″ outer pocket. The inside is especially attractive with a pretty bronze fabric lining that nicely compliments the bag. A roomy 6″ by 6″ zippered pocket along with a handy cell phone pouch are included inside the bag. A magnetic closure secures the tote bag closed.

My only concern when I first received the bag was that the tarp material had a bit of an old tarp odor to it. Real Deal Brazil said they would check into eliminating the smell. I must say though after several weeks that this bag has been sitting in my house, there is no odor or smell remaining at all.

Inside picture showing zipper pocket, cell phone holder, and magnetic closure.

You can read more about this endeavor at the Real Deal Brazil blog site

Thank you again for the wonderful recycled tote bag and I wish the folks at Real Deal Brazil the best as they continue on the great cause of green, recycled crafting!

Next Leg of My Journey

May 7, 2008 16 comments
Pink Ribbon

I start the next leg of my pink journey tomorrow. For anyone not familiar with my pink journey, you can read all the posts here. Early in the morning, I am having a port put into my upper right arm. From there I go to my first chemo treatment. My treatment plan is chemo 4 cycles — 3 weeks apart with Taxotere, Cytoxan, and Herceptin for 1 year. The Herceptin is because I am HER2 positive. I have some pre-meds for anxiety and nausea so I guess the Lord willing, I’m ready to go to battle against this foe. I would appreciate prayers for courage and strength as I begin this next leg in my journey. Thanks everyone in advance for your support and prayers,


Recycled Plastic Plarn Handbag

May 3, 2008 17 comments
White Handbag

Check out my latest recycled plastic bag “plarn” handbag.

This was crocheted from some recycled Walmart plastic bags. The white with black lettering isn’t the most attractive material but I added just a bit of ribbon and it really made the bag look cute. This bag measures 9″ by 9″ and was created for a promotional giveaway that will be going on at the Birmingham City University in the UK. The event is to raise awareness for Aids and HIV and to incorporate fashion. I hope their event is a big success and that recycled crafting can be recognized as a green fashion alternative.

Free Recycled Plastic Plarn Handbag Crochet Pattern

Materials needed:
One ball of plastic bag yarn AKA plarn (approx. 25-30 bags)
1-1/2 yards of ribbon yarn (1/2″ or 3/8″ wide)

Hook: N (9 mm) metal crochet hook

Description: Tote Handbag
Bag measures 9 inches wide and 9 inches long

Ch 24 with white plarn

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