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Plarn Tape Measure Covers

Posted on July 15, 2012

Tape measure covers or TMC are a new and fun project that Delights has been working on over at Ravelry. She has crocheted some adorable covers that with her permission I will share a few photos of her work below. You can follow the TMC Happening here over at Ravelry.

TMC Covers

Delights and I teamed up and crocheted a few plarn TMC projects together. I made a few shells from recycled plastic bags and sent them to her to add her beautiful flowers and other decorations that she is so skilled at doing.

Here is Delight’s TMC picture tutorial. For the plarn TMC shell, I used a H hook and did only 10 HDC stitches for round 1. Then on round 3, I did single crochet (SC) stitches instead of HDC and chain 1 to start each round. So round 3 has 30 stitches.

For the side row 1 and 2, I again did SC stitches. As far as the 3 stitch minus for the tape measure opening, I found if I was using thicker plarn, I did a 2 stitch minus but check your opening to make sure its big enough as you work your TMC. These were basically the only changes I did for the plarn version of the tape measure covers using Delights crochet pattern and tutorial link above.

Here is a photo of the plarn shell before assembly.

Here is one TMC I crocheted myself using recycled newspaper bags.

Here are the tape measure covers that Delights and I crocheted together. I did the shell and she added the daffodil flower. The tape measures used in the projects are the inexpensive ones you can pick up usually for about a dollar at craft stores. The photo below shows the tape measures used in these TMC projects.

Here is one more photo which shows three different plarn tape measure covers.

As you can see you can decorate these tape measure covers in many different ways. Whether you are using yarn or recycled plastic bags, you can create some beautiful and unique covers for tape measures. Have fun and try out some of the ideas shared here in this post.

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  1. Le-Chat
    Jul 22, 2012

    Cute! Is there anything you don’t make in plarn, Cindy? I might try some flowers with the occasional plastic bag I get.

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