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Crocheted Plarn Soap Dish

April 28, 2013 4 comments
Crocheted Plarn Soap Dish

I have been asked to crochet a recycled plastic soap dish holder so this is up I came up with. I crocheted this soap dish using about three recycled plastic bags so it’s a great project if you only have a few bags in a special color.

It’s just the right size if you have a large square bar of soap. Here is my plarn soap dish with a scrubbie also crocheted from recycled plastic bags.

Here is a plarn soap dish pictured with a oval bar of soap along with a crocheted dishcloth to match.

Here is one other crocheted soap dish with white plastic retail bags along with a scrubbie added with a cotton yarn trim. The cotton yarn edging adds a colorful touch to the otherwise boring white bags. You can also use the soap dish crocheted from recycled plastic bags as a scrubbie holder. Just rinse it out in warm water if it gets too soapy or dirty. Either way this recycled soap dish is a handy holder and provides a useful way to reuse those plastic bags you may have stuffed in your kitchen drawers and cabinets.


Free Crocheted Plarn Soap Dish Pattern

Materials needed:
3 — plastic bags cut into strips 3/4 inches wide and interlocked to create plarn
Here is the link to my plarn-making tutorials should you need it

J (6 mm) US size metal crochet hook

Gauge: 3 Sc = 1 inch; 3 rows = 1 inch

Recycled Plastic Soap Dish – measures 5-1/2 inches long by 3 inches wide

Row 1
Ch 13, Sc in the 2nd st from the hook and in each st across.

Crocodile Stitch Oven Mitt

April 13, 2013 6 comments
Crocodile Stitch Oven Mitt

I created this oven mitt by crocheting the crocodile stitch in the round. Working the crocodile stitch in the round is so much easier than making two panels to join together. While the oven mitt is very thick with the crocodile scales, I did line it just to be sure that a person’s hand was protected.

I have the free crochet pattern written below for the crocodile stitch oven mitt. If you haven’t tried working the crocodile scales yet in the round, I think you will enjoy crocheting this pattern. Please read the complete pattern through before beginning and adjust the opening should you need a larger size as my wrist is small so I made my opening tighter.

Crocodile Stitch Oven Mitt Pattern

J (6 mm) hook and G (4-4.25 mm) hook

2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver Chunky (Bulky) yarn in Windsor Blue
1/2 oz. of white cotton yarn
Fabric for lining

Finished crocheted oven mitt measures 10 inches long by 7-1/2 inches wide with a 5 inches wide opening at top

Special Stitch:
Crocodile Scale Stitch: Dc 5 stitches down first post of the 2-Dc base set, Ch 1, and then work 5 Dc up the 2nd Dc of the 2-Dc set.

With J hook and chunky yarn, Ch 42. Join to form a ring making sure your chain is not twisted.

Recycling Toilet Paper Packaging

April 7, 2013 2 comments
Recycling Toilet Paper Packaging

I’m always looking for new ways to recycle and repurpose plastic waste such as this large toilet paper packaging. When I see something like this plastic I just want to find some useful way to reuse it. So I set out to create plastic yarn or plarn from this piece of packaging.

Because this plastic packaging is very large, I cut it into one continuous long strip about 1 inch wide. I started at the one opened end of the packaging to begin cutting. I placed the piece of plastic across my leg and used the scissors to cut around and around. I just kept cutting the strip around the plastic and through the seams. The seams on this packaging are very strong and glued so I believe it will hold for crafting without having to worry about the seams coming apart.

The result is one ball of plarn that netted 45 yards of yarn for crafting.

Lining a Crochetville Bag

April 1, 2013 No comments yet
Lining a Crochetville Bag

Here is my Crochetville bag that I was the proud recipient of from Mary Jo in September 2012. Each month Mary Jo aka Tampa Doll makes one of her famous tote bags and gives it to some lucky person on Crochetville. I was so excited when I received my bag. It’s just so cool and such a wonderful gift to receive from another crocheter.

One of the things Mary Jo tells you when you receive her bag is that you may want to line it. Because it is crocheted, it does have holes in the tote bag that small items can fall out of. I was being carefully but did have my crochet hook slip out of the bag a few times and figured I had better line my bag.

I chose some cotton fabric and measured my bag to begin making my lining.

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