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Barbie Doll Sock Dress

September 22, 2015 3 comments

Here is a recycled sock that I made into a Barbie doll dress. I kept this very simple with no sewing. I crocheted the top yoke and straps using a E crochet hook with some fingering yarn.

I used a wool sock that was torn and cut off the bottom as shown below.

I folded over the cut edge of the sock and joined my fingering yarn at the back with a slip stitch. Next I just crocheted around the top edge of the sock by poking my crochet hook into the sock edge and completing each stitch. I worked around the sock edge evenly with single crochet (SC) stitches. I worked my stitches fairly tight as the sock opening was plenty wide enough for the doll. I had 40 stitches around the top edge of the sock.

Next without turning I just joined with a slip stitch to the beginning first stitch. Chain 1 and continued

Barbie Little Black Dress with Handbag

January 11, 2013 2 comments

Here is Barbie’s little black dress that I crocheted with some fingering yarn. This is a variation of my Barbie baby doll top pattern. I took the original pattern and made a few modifications to create this dress pattern for a small Barbie doll.

I worked even on 20 sts from row 2 with a G (4 mm) crochet hook. Repeated row 11 for 5 rounds to round 15.

Barbie Baby Doll Top

November 11, 2012 3 comments

Here is a Barbie baby doll top that I crocheted. I added a pair of my Barbie bloomers to complete the set which makes cute baby doll PJs for Barbie.

This set is designed for a Barbie doll with a 3-1/2″ waist and 5-1/4″ hips. You can just crochet the baby doll top and mix and match it with a skirt or pants to create different outfits for Barbie. You could also make the top longer by repeating Row 11 to crochet a cute Barbie dress.
Enjoy the free crochet Barbie baby doll top pattern below.

Crocheted Barbie Baby Doll Top Pattern

G (4 mm) hook and F (3.5 mm) hook for edging
1 oz of fingering or light sport yarn
1 small button or snap for back closure

Ch 22 with G crochet hook.

Fashion Doll Bloomers

August 15, 2012 1 comment

Here is a quick crochet pattern for bloomers or panties for a fashion doll. In a recent post, I crocheted a dress for a 14-inch fashion doll. I needed some bloomers for under my doll’s dress and came up with these simple but effective panties for my doll.

The 14-inch fashion doll has a waist of 5 inches and 7 inches around at the hips. The crochet pattern below has bloomers that will fit a 14-inch doll. Then I have listed the changes necessary for a 11-1/2 inch tall Barbie fashion doll that has a 3-1/2 inch waist and 5-1/4 inches around at hips.

These bloomers were designed to cover the doll’s bottom under a dress and aren’t all that fancy. I just wanted a simple quick pattern for some panties and this crochet pattern fits that purpose. The waist maybe a bit loose but its snug enough at the hips to hold the bloomers in place without elastic. I hope you find the free pattern useful and happy crocheting to all.

Crocheted Fashion Doll Bloomers

14″ Fashion Doll Dress – Doll has 5″ around waist and 7″ around at hips
Small amount of fingering or sport weight acrylic yarn
Hook: E (3.5 mm) crochet hook
Finished size: 3″ at waist, 3″ long, and 3-1/4″ wide at leg opening bottoms

Rnd 1
Ch 30 and join to form a circle.

Yellow Barbie Plarn Dress

November 14, 2008 15 comments

Barbie has a pretty new yellow plarn dress. This crochet project is a follow-up to my red Barbie dress I made with regular yarn. I used a similar pattern style but did have to make several changes for the dress to work up correctly using recycled plastic bags as yarn. Using the bags as yarn is much more difficult than regular yarn, but I was pleased with my final version shown here.

Photo is clickable to view supersized

If you are new to crocheting with recycled plastic bags, here is the link on how to create plarn from those old plastic grocery sacks. And if you’re not into crocheting with plastic bags, here is the link to my free red Barbie dress pattern that is made with regular worst acrylic yarn.

But for everyone else, here is my free yellow Barbie dress pattern. Enjoy!

Barbie Yellow Plarn Dress Pattern

Approx. 10 Yellow plastic bags until into Plarn
1 small button

G (4 mm) size crochet hook

Ch 13.

Barbie’s Red Dress

October 25, 2008 11 comments

Does your Barbie need a new red dress? If so, here’s a little number I crocheted using some scrap yarn I had. I’m actually experimenting with this pattern to crochet a Barbie dress using recycled plastic bags. I wanted to test the pattern first using regular worst acrylic yarn to see how it looked as it’s easier to frog with yarn than with plarn.

My first attempt with the pattern resulted in this little red dress for Barbie. The picture is clickable if you want to see an enlarge photo of the dress. I will now attempt another dress using plastic bag yarn with a few minor changes. Anyway I did write up the pattern and wanted to share this free dress pattern with everyone.

Barbie’s Red Dress Pattern

1 oz. red acrylic yarn
1 small button
Small amount of ribbon for waist tie

Hook: G (4 mm) size crochet hook

Ch 13.

Cassette Tape Barbie Doll Halter Dress

August 4, 2007 20 comments

I finally got around to crocheting a Barbie fashion doll dress out of recycled cassette tape. It’s been something that I have wanted to complete way back when I crocheted my Barbie doll purses. I had fun digging out my old Barbie doll which hasn’t had a clothes change in probably 30 years. The old girl looks pretty good for being at least 40 years old. I thought the gold boots really went well with her new halter dress too. I also whipped up a little hat to go with her new outfit.

You use just a small amount of cassette tape to crochet this outfit. Use the link above to choose a purse or shoulder bag to finish off your recycled Barbie outfit. I hope you all have as much fun making this outfit as I did. Enjoy!


Free Barbie Fashion Doll Halter Dress & Hat Pattern

Material: Cassette Tape
Hook: E USA size crochet hook

Halter Dress
With cassette tape as yarn, Ch 24, Sl St to join in first st of chain to form ring.

Free Barbie Doll Purse Patterns – Recycled Plastic Cassette Tape

March 1, 2007 7 comments

Here are three free Fashion Doll patterns for a handbag purse, tote, and shoulder bag. These are crafted by crocheting with recycled cassette tape as yarn. Just rewind an old cassette tape and cut the tape at the beginning of the brown tape. Pull out the brown tape end to work your project. The tape will pull out freely from the reel. There is no need to open up the case.

Click below on the read more link to view complete patterns.

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