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Bar Towel with Crocheted Topper

July 13, 2024 No comments yet

Here is a Dollar Store bar towel with a crocheted topper added. I used a milk jug ring for the hanging loop.

This is a quick towel topper as it uses a small triangle shape and about an ounce of cotton yarn to complete. There is no cutting or sewing necessary for this towel topper. I used this free triangle ring towel topper pattern to crochet the project with a few modifications. Because this towel is smaller, at row 3, I did single crochet (SC) decreases (Dec) all across in BLO, then SC in every stitch next row. Repeat these two rows, twice.
At row 8, Ch 1, turn.

Fundraising Plarn Basket

June 22, 2024 No comments yet

In March, I crocheted a recycled plastic bag or plarn basket for an upcoming fundraiser. The post and details about the basket are found here.

I filled the basket with some jar opening helpers, dishcloths, a towel with a crocheted topper, a candle, a potholder, a notepad and some wine. Hopefully a fun assortment of different things which will be a auction favorite for my local Relay For Life.

The jar opening helpers are crocheted with just a bit of cotton and the pattern is available here.

Next in the basket is:

Yellow Dog Granny Lovey

June 6, 2024 No comments yet

Just a quick post to share a new child’s granny lovey. This lovey is crocheted using a granny stitch and features a yellow store-bought stuffed dog for the toy. The granny lovey is started around a stretchy hair tie with a stuffed animal inserted through the center hole.

You can find more pictures and pattern instructions at my original granny lovey post here.

Here is one more photo showing the granny lovey more closeup.

Rectangle Granny Throw

May 25, 2024 No comments yet

Here is my latest crochet project. A rectangle granny throw that can be used as a lapghan or wheelchair throw. This is a project that I crocheted using mostly donated yarn and is being given to the VA Outreach Program.

I use this rectangle granny blanket pattern. I chain 41 stitches to start and do the joins a little different. The way I do the corner joins is really handy and you don’t have to slip stitch over to the corner space to start a new round. It makes for a nicer corner join in my opinion. You can read more about my changes and see pictures

Jar Opener Helper

May 6, 2024 No comments yet

There has been a renewed interest in an old pattern of mine so I thought I’d crochet a few of the jar opener helpers to revisit the pattern. I haven’t crocheted any of these jar helpers in years.

These jar helpers are the handiest things to have and so easy to make yourself. They really do help you get a good grip on a jar lid so you can open it easily. I use shelf liner and you can make a lot of them from just one roll. Then just under a half ounce of yarn and you have the materials to make a jar opener helper. Plus you can color match the jar helper edging to match a dishcloth or potholder to crochet a pretty matching set.

The free crochet pattern for the jar helper is found here.

Round Ripple Baby Lovey

April 4, 2024 No comments yet

I am excited to present a new baby lovey that features a round ripple pattern. It has a centerhole which is created by crocheting around a thick ponytail hair tie. By crocheting the baby lovey with a centerhole, you can use a store-bought stuffed animal for the project. That way you can wash the round ripple lovey separate from the stuffed animal.

Here is the lovey with the stuffed animal removed so you can see how it looks separated.

Here is another round ripple lovey that I crocheted using the same round ripple idea for the project.

I want to detail how I start my round ripple lovies. I use a 2″ thick ponytail tie for the center and it gives a 1.75″ opening on 24 stitches. Here is a photo with the first round of single crochet (SC) stitches around the ponytail hair tie. I work 24 stitches around the tie as show and slip stitch to join.

My round ripple baby lovey is based off of Aggie May’s round ripple (RR) blanket pattern. After the 24 single crochet stitches for the center start, and following Aggie May’s RR pattern, work row 3: Ch 3, 1 DC, ch-2, 2 DC in same stitch as join. Then skip 1 stitch and work 2 DC, ch-2, 2 DC in next stitch and repeat. Join to top of ch 3. Total of 12 sets of shells. See photo below for a closeup photo of this round.

Recycled Plastic Bag Basket

March 17, 2024 No comments yet

Here is my latest recycled plastic bag project. It is a crocheted plarn basket made from plastic bags cut about one inch wide and assembled. Just follow the plarn link for more information on how I make my plarn yarn for crocheting.

The basket was crocheted using the free recycled plastic basket pattern but seamless. For this project, I did not do the ch-2 or joins. I just working in the round with out joining.

I added 3 rounds of single crochet (SC) in pink bags for contrast before starting the handle portion of the basket.

For handles on this basket, I chained 14 and skipped 9 stitches for opening for the handles on each side. For the next round, work 16 single crochet (SC) around each handle. Then continue working

Crocheted Flower Coasters

March 1, 2024 No comments yet

I used the Maybelle flower pattern to crochet these cute coasters.

The pattern is very versatile as you can use the flower motif for headbands, blankets, bags and many other things by simply joining the flowers.

I used a G (4 mm) crochet hook and just a small amount of

Seamless Helmet Hat

January 24, 2024 No comments yet

I have an option now for my original crocheted helmet hat pattern. This option allows for a seamless crocheted hat so you don’t have the noticeable seam down one side.

Seamless hat option:
Start with a magic circle or you can chain 3 to create a ring to crochet into. You don’t join or work any chain 2 to begin each round. You simply crochet into the next stitch of each round without turning or joining.

Round 1 – 6 DC in magic circle (6) (corrections made 1-30-2024)
Round 2 – 2 SC in each stitch (12)
Round 3 – 2 DC in each stitch (24)
Round 4 – Now starting with original hat pattern, work round 3,

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