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Robin Egg Kitchen Set

November 28, 2022 No comments yet

Presently a kitchen set crocheted using Sugar and Cream cotton in colorway Robin’s Egg blue along with some white cotton yarn. This set is complete with a recycled plastic item.

The hexagram shaped dishcloth was crocheted using this free dishcloth pattern. It’s a fun little pattern that works up quickly and is a great way to use up scraps of yarn too.

The double-thick diagonally crocheted potholder uses this free pattern. I chain 34 to start which creates a finished potholder about 6.5 inches wide.

To finish up the kitchen set, I crocheted a scrubbie that is worked with the cotton yarn along with recycled plastic vegetable netting. You need about 3-4 nets or you can also use store-bought netting cut in a thin strip. You hold the cotton yarn and netting together

Vertical Stripes Potholder & Cloth

June 7, 2021 No comments yet

A friend on Crochetville shared this great looking crochet pattern featuring vertical stripes. The pattern was designed for a dishcloth. The free crochet pattern can be found here.

I crocheted the dishcloth and decided to add a potholder to complete the kitchen set using the same pattern with an H hook. For the back of the potholder, I just crocheted straight single crochet (SC) stitches without the stripes. I put the two pieces together to create a nice double-thick potholder. I used a recycled plastic bottle ring for the hanging loop.

Here is a closeup of the finished potholder which is about an 7 inch square.

Rooster Towel Topper Set

December 11, 2016 No comments yet

I have been working on Christmas gifts and just completed this Rooster double layered towel topper kitchen set.

The star crocheted dishcloth is my own creation which I call My Star Dishcloth pattern. It is a free pattern so check out the link.

Granny Stitch Kitchen Set

June 4, 2016 2 comments

Sharing my latest granny stitch kitchen items I crocheted. I used jute cotton yarn for the main yarn color and added forest green cotton for contrast while creating these granny square items.

Potholder crocheted using the granny stitch potholder pattern. I crocheted the center in forest green cotton and then worked the pattern in jute cotton until row 8. Worked row 8 in forest green and row 9 in jute cotton. Trimmed in single crochet with the forest green and added a hanging loop from a recycled water bottle ring.

The granny square dishcloth was crocheted using my

Crocheted Kitchen Ensemble Set

August 7, 2009 3 comments

I have been busy crocheting a kitchen ensemble set for an upcoming house warming gift. I was lucky and scored a big bag of cotton yarn at a local thrift store for a wonderful price. I was able to use the cotton yarn to crochet all the kitchen items making this a very frugal gift. Here is my completed kitchen set which includes dishcloths, potholders, and a recycled plastic scrubbie.

Of course no kitchen set of mine could be complete without a touch of recycled materials so I included one of my kitchen scrubbies which are reinforced by adding recycled lettuce netting for extra scrubbing power. The free pattern link and tutorial on how to create the scrubbie is found here.

The granny motif dishcloth, star dishcloth and the potholder are my original patterns. Click on the green links above for the free patterns to those projects. I also have options on these two dishcloth patterns to add a plastic center so they can be used for extra scrubbing. The multi-colored nubby dishcloth pattern shown in the lower left hand corner is from Charlotte over at Crochetville and is available free here.

This has been a wrap up of my latest completed crochet projects. I continue to create new recycled craft ideas. As a sneak preview, I will share that I am finishing a striped purse crocheted in a shell stitch. Each row is a different color as I changed colors of the plastic bags I used every row. It is turning out very colorful and definitely has a unique look. I will be back soon to post that free recycled shell purse pattern. Until then, enjoy your summer!

Cute Scrubbie and Dishcloth Kitchen Set

May 30, 2009 5 comments

Today I want to share some free patterns from a few friends of mine over at Crochetville. Crochetville is a crochet forum where ideas, patterns, friendships, and finished projects are shared among all the craft members.

Here is a scrubbie I made using Rachel’s pattern that she calls her all purpose scrubbie. As soon as I saw this handy scrubber, I knew I had to crochet it and add some of my recycled plastic to the project. So I added some recycled lettuce netting along with Sugar and Cream Country Stripes cotton yarn on rounds 2-5 on the bottom only. And because I’m lazy and don’t like to sew, I just put my two round disks together and worked SC sts around to join the two together. Rachel’s pattern calls for using a yarn needle to join the two rounds together so use whichever method you desire to complete your scrubber.

If you need a tutorial on how to make and crochet with the recycled plastic lettuce netting you can find it here. Here is Rachel’s free all purpose scrubbie pattern link.

Next I present Rhelena’s dishcloth that features a granny style stitching. Here is the free pattern link. The only thing I added to her pattern was a sl st around the center circle to tie in my yarns as I used up a bit of scrap yarn I had for the center. The main dishcloth was crocheted using the same Sugar and Cream Country Stripes cotton yarn that I used in my scrubbie project. I really like this yarn as it naturally provides you a type of striping to your crochet items.

Well this wraps up my latest addition of crocheting with recycled materials here at My Recycled Bags. By adding the recycled lettuce netting, my scrubbie is extra durable but gentle enough to use on non-stick pans. My dishcloth completes the kitchen set which I will be saving for a future gift-giving idea.

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