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Recycled Plastic Messenger Book Bag

September 19, 2020 8 comments

I crocheted this messenger book bag from recycled plastic Safeway bags. People ask me all the time how many bags it takes to crochet different projects of mine. I did a calculation on this project as I crocheted it. I found that I used about 3 bags for two full rounds on the crocheted body of the bag. Therefore I used about 39 bags to crochet the main body of this book bag. Overall I recycled about 60 plastic bags to crochet the messenger book bag.

I cut my plarn about 1 inch wide using the looping method to create my plastic bag yarn.

I crocheted 26 rows in half double crochet (HDC) before starting the flap. For the flap, I crocheted 12 rows in HDC before starting the decreases for the tapered flap. I crocheted a total of 25 rows and then added a edging of single crochet stitching around the edges of the flap. By adding the single crochet stitches, it helps even out the edges and makes for a smooth finish to the flap.

I crocheted my strap even on 6 stitches wide for a 35 inch long strap.

The original crochet pattern for the messenger bag is found here. It’s a free plarn crochet pattern and I just tweaked it a bit to make this smaller book bag of 14″ wide by 11.5″ long. The original crochet pattern makes a

Messenger Bag Crafted from Plastic Bags

April 4, 2008 34 comments

Here is my messenger bag crocheted using recycled plastic bags. I am tempted to call this my ultimate recycled bag because it is so big and could be used for so many different purposes. This was a fun and challenging project as it fulfilled a request I had received.

Awhile back someone asked me to make a bag big enough to hold a scrapbook album. Well, I think this recycled bag would work wonderfully to hold your scrapbooking projects along with extra supplies. I added a plastic canvas sheet to the bottom of my bag to provide more stability. I just placed it inside rolled over at the center in the base of the messenger bag.


I hope you enjoy this messenger bag project and happy green crafting!


Free Crocheted Messenger Bag Pattern

Bag measures 15-1/2 inches wide and 13 inches long
Strap length is 42 inches

Materials: One large ball of plarn (plastic bag yarn) Appox. 60 bags
Picture tutorial is found here on how to make plarn

Metal N (9 mm) crochet hook for main bag
Metal J (6 mm) crochet hook for edging

Chain 32.

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