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Denim Dog Toy

May 18, 2019 2 comments

Here is a real quick and simple dog toy you can make from recycled denim. It doesn’t even require any sewing and can be made in just a matter of minutes.

Take an old pair of denim jeans and cut around the lower pants hem and then continue up the side seam to make one continuous strip of denim. I cut up the side seam 27 inches and the hem length was 18 inches on my piece of cut denim.

Next I just started tying knots using either end of the denim strip. Using knots and then threading the long end through the knots, I create this 8 inch long denim dog toy.
You could also join the ends together to make a circle by either sewing the ends together or by joining them with a knot.

And there you have it,

Recycled Denim Christmas Stockings

July 7, 2013 8 comments

It’s Christmas in July for me as I’m working on mini Christmas stockings. The Warmth for Warriors organization needs 2000 mini Christmas stockings for the troops. They have just kicked off their 2013 Christmas Stocking Drive. The socks need to be around 6 inches long and will be filled with a small bar of soap, shampoo, body wash or similar item and given to the troops as a little Christmas gift. The socks can be sewn, knitted or crocheted and do need to be all handmade.

These recycled denim Christmas socks were all sewn on my Singer treadle sewing machine. It was fun to use the treadle to sew the denim sock shells. Once sewn, I just turn the socks so the right sides are showing and fold under the top to the inside. I then crochet a top

Recycled Denim Oven Mitt

June 5, 2010 27 comments

Recycling your old jeans into new and useful things is fun and frugal. The denim recycled from old jeans is very durable and the fabric is very versatile. Oh and the best part, when you recycle denim from materials you have on hand, its FREE.

Today I want to share how to make an oven mitt from your old jeans. There are several good tutorials on the Internet showing how to create a homemade oven mitt. (Edit:) Here is a oven mitt template you can use. The original one I used is no longer free so the link has been changed to one that is free.

Cut two denim panels using the mitt template. Then cut two from fabric for your lining and two for your mylar batting. If you don’t want to use store bought mylar batting, just cut two pieces from old towels but make sure they are thick so you get enough protection for inside of your mitt.
Click on any photos to supersize

Because denim is so hard to machine sew through several layers, I assembled my oven mitt in two pieces. First pin the two denim panels together with right sides together. Machine sew the two denim panels together using a narrow hem around the mitt. Leave the end hem unfinished at this point. Trim curves and clip at thumb turn. Turn wrong sides to the inside. Using a pencil’s eraser end, push out the thumb and edges. Press with hot iron and turn under a narrow hem along the unfinished edge of the denim mitt shell.

Next put the two fabric lining panels together with right sides together. Then add a batting layer to the bottom and top of your lining insert. Pin in place and machine stitch a narrow hem around the mitt. Leave the end hem unfinished for now. Trim edges and clip at thumb curve but don’t turn. Turn under a narrow hem and press with a hot iron along the unfinished edge of the fabric lining.

Lastly insert your fabric lining inside your denim oven mitt. Check fit and trim edges if necessary so the insert fits nicely inside your denim mitt shell. Match hem edges and pin the two edges together. Machine stitch very close to the edge to enclose the hem of the denim panel and the lining insert. Fold over the edge if desired to show off your fabric lining or add embellishments to the outside of the mitt.

Need a potholder to go along with your oven mitt? You can add a denim potholder that sports a pocket from a pair of jeans to create a cool recycled denim kitchen set.

Crocheted Denim Rag Bag

March 21, 2007 54 comments

This week I have been working on a new recycled idea. A crocheted rag bag using recycled denim. I had a few old denim shirts that I didn’t want to throw away so I decided that I needed to get the ole’ creative juices flowing and use them in a project. It turned out to be a really heavy duty bag. I didn’t trim or fold the strips so that’s why you see the fibers from the material. But I think it turned out cool with the fibers kinda sticking out as they do.

So… this is the result, a recycled denim rag bag!

I used one of the pockets from the shirt to create an inside pocket as shown below.

I hope you enjoy trying this week’s recycling craft idea and as always — here’s the free pattern.

Free Crocheted Recycled Denim Rag Bag Pattern

Bag measures 11 inches wide and 10 inches long.

Material: Two denim shirts cut into 3/4 inch strips (See notes below on different methods.)

For complete pattern click on read more link below.

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