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Japanese Knot Recycled Bag

June 15, 2018 6 comments

Here is a new recycled plastic bag yarn project. This pattern is called a Japanese Knot bag as it features 2 handles. One long and one shorter, which closes by sliding the longer handle through the shorter one as shown. The Japanese-styled bags are often times made smaller and worn over the wrist.

This tote bag is crocheted using recycled plastic bags made into yarn known as plarn. It can be worn over the wrist or also draped over your shoulder.

Here is the free Japanese Knot Bag pattern written using plarn but it also can be crocheted using bulky yarn or 2 strands of worst weight yarns held together.

The finished size of this recycled tote bag is

Striped Ultimate Recycled Tote Bag

May 7, 2017 4 comments

I crocheted this recycled plastic bag tote using the free ultimate recycled grocery bag pattern. It is crocheted with recycled brown Safeway grocery bags and a few green bags added for stripes.

Lots of people ask how many bags does this project need to complete? It really depends on the bags and how you cut them. I cut these bags each 1 inch wide to create the plastic bag yarn or plarn. For the brown bags, I did a calculation to see how far one single bag made into plarn would go on each round. I found that it took about 1.8 bags to crochet a single round on the main body of the bag. I kept a count and used about

Pink and Grey Plastic Bag Tote

November 8, 2013 No comments yet

I present a pink and grey plastic bag tote featuring a netting stitch look. I crocheted this tote bag using recycled grey retail bags and pink plastic newspaper sacks. Both types of plastic bags were cut into strips using these plarn making tutorials.

I just love the fish net look of this stitch in pink plarn. It’s just so pretty looking. The contrast between the pink plarn and grey really works well together.

I made some minor changes from the original plastic net market bag pattern. I used a J (6 mm) crochet hook when I crocheted the pink plarn section. The pink recycled bags are thinner and the J hook makes a tighter stitch. I also did 23 rounds finishing

Plarn Picket Stitch Tote Bag

November 28, 2012 6 comments

This recycled bag features a new stitch design that I added for a new look to my latest reusable bag. I call this stitch the Picket Stitch. I have used a similar stitch idea in my picket fence dishcloth pattern and thought it would be interesting to use on a tote bag pattern. It adds a different look and I’m always trying to come up with new ideas for dressing up my recycled bags.

Go Green Items

September 8, 2010 4 comments

Check out this cool reusable tote bag I received in the mail. I just love the size and the message of this bag. It’s a roomy 14″ by 14″ tote constructed of heavy canvas and is one of the go green items that Dakota’s Personalized Gifts is offering their customers. They generously sent me this bag along with a set of their bamboo kitchen utensils to review.

The bamboo kitchen set includes 4 different spoons and spatulas along with tongs, chop sticks, and even a potholder. Plus it comes in an authentic bamboo stalk for storage. It features the wide grain of bamboo slats for beauty and durability. Overall an attractive and useful set for the price which includes free personalization on the items.

All the items I received were very nice but I must say that the tote bag is my favorite item. While I love making my own recycled bags, I am really going to enjoy using this beautiful tote bag with its great eco message. So if you are looking for some green gift ideas, please check out Dakota’s green living line of products.

The Ultimate Grocery Bag

July 19, 2008 25 comments

What would be the ultimate grocery bag? Of course in my opinion it would be made from recycled materials, be reusable, strong and very durable. What about free — yes that would be the ultimate. So here it is. It is crafted from recycled plastic bags, it is reusable over and over, doesn’t tear, and it reduces the use of bags from the grocery store. So it is a win-win bag. You win and the environment wins. It’s the ultimate bag!

This bag is created by crocheting with plastic bag yarn or plarn. I have a handy picture tutorial here if you need to know the steps to make your own plarn. It’s a fun and easy way to create a durable market bag as shown above. Plus it’s a great way to repurpose those plastic bags you may have stashed around the house.

I hope you enjoy this green and frugal project. Here is the free crochet pattern below.


The Free Ultimate Grocery Tote Bag Pattern

Materials needed:
One very large ball of plastic bag yarn aka Plarn
Approx. 50 plastic grocery bags

Hook: N (9 mm) metal crochet hook

Description: Grocery Tote Bag
Bag measures 13-1/2 inches wide and 13 inches long with 9 inch handles

Ch 28

Reusable Lunch Sack Bag

June 22, 2007 6 comments

Here is a seamless reusable lunch sack bag. The lunch sack is crocheted from recycled plastic bags. This project is another installment of my to-do list which I am working on. The list is made up of items that I have never made before and I use recycled material to create each item. Once the item is completed, I share it here along with the free crochet pattern so everyone can have an opportunity to make the recycled project too.

This week, I completed my lunch sack which is a seamless bag. I have used this seamless method for quite a while now and wanted to share it here on my blog. You can use it on many different projects when you don’t want to have to sew or weave sides together on your project. It also leaves your item with a nice appearance as you do not have a joining stitch. I have step-by-step pictures of how the seamless bag method works below.

Click on photo to view full-size
At round 3 of bottom

Click on photo to view full-size
At round 5 as sides curl up

Click on photo to view full-size
At round 7 as bowl is created

Click on photo to view full-size
Finished bag with expandable bottom

Free Reusable Lunch Sack Bag Pattern

Materials needed: One large ball of plastic bags cut into strips and interlocked to create a ball of plarn

Strip of Velcro for flap closure (I used 4″ strip)

Hook: N (9 mm) size metal crochet hook

Description: Plastic Lunch Sack Bag
Bag measures 8 inches wide at top and 11 inches long with 3-1/2 inches oval expandable bottom and 19 inch long strap.



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