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Crocheted Star Facecloth Pattern

July 23, 2012 2 comments
Crocheted Star Facecloth Pattern

I have been crocheting many washcloths and facecloths lately. I want to share this quick little crochet pattern for a star shaped facecloth. It’s a variation of my star dishcloth pattern but smaller. I love these smaller cloths as they make wonderful facecloths. Not too big and they work up so quickly. Also they are great for using those scrap pieces of cotton that you have leftover in your stash.

Each cloth measures about 7 inches from the top corner to the lower corner. I believe you only need a little over an ounce of cotton to do each facecloth. Have fun and mix and match the colors to create your own facecloths. As always, happy crocheting and I hope you enjoy the free pattern below.

Star Facecloth Pattern

Cloth measures: 7 inches
Hook: H (5 mm) US sized hook (you can use a G hook too)

Sugar & Cream Cotton scraps (about 1+ ozs)

With center color, Ch 5, Sl St to form ring.

Plarn Tape Measure Covers

July 15, 2012 1 comment
TMC Covers

Tape measure covers or TMC are a new and fun project that Delights has been working on over at Ravelry. She has crocheted some adorable covers that with her permission I will share a few photos of her work below. You can follow the TMC Happening here over at Ravelry.

Delights and I teamed up and crocheted a few plarn TMC projects together. I made a few shells from recycled plastic bags and sent them to her to add her beautiful flowers and other decorations that she is so skilled at doing.

Here is Delight’s TMC picture tutorial. For the plarn TMC shell, I used a H hook and did only 10 HDC stitches for round 1.

Recycled Plastic Bag Sandals

July 6, 2012 30 comments
Recycled Plastic Bag Sandals

Here is the long awaited recycled plastic bag sandals. Many people have been asking for just such a pattern and with the help of another recycled crafter Tera, I was able to finish up this sandal pattern. Tera’s original design has a back strap and I’m still working on that version. I will be adding that option later on another pair of sandals that I will crochet in a smaller size so that I will a few different sizes in this sandal project.

This version of the recycled sandals could also be used as an indoor/outdoor type slipper. I like it because I can just slip it on and go. Kinda like flip flops but I can still wear my socks too.

As always I hope you enjoy the free crochet pattern and happy crocheting to all!

Recycled Plastic Bag Sandals

Materials needed:
One ball of plastic bag yarn aka plarn cut 1 inch wide – Approx. 40 plastic grocery bags
Here is my picture tutorial on how to make plarn from plastic bags
Hook: J (6 mm) metal crochet hook

Recycled Plastic Bag Sandals – Women’s Size 9-10 M
Make 2 soles for each sandal.

Rnd 1
With plastic bag yarn (plarn) Ch 23.

Flag Washcloth or Dishcloth Pattern

June 23, 2012 1 comment
Flag Washcloth or Dishcloth Pattern

Here is my latest free crochet washcloth or dishcloth pattern. This cloth represents a flag and I was inspired by the flag afghan square that was featured over at Crochet ‘N’ More. I have been making facecloths for charity and thought this would make a wonderful cloth with its patriotic theme.

Flag Washcloth – Dishcloth Pattern

G (4 mm) USA crochet hook

3/4 oz white cotton yarn
3/4 oz red cotton yarn
1/4 oz blue cotton yarn

8-1/2 inch Square Washcloth or Dishcloth

Row 1
With white yarn, Ch 29, then Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea st down to last st. On last loop of last st drop white yarn and pick up red yarn. (28)

Lining the Pink Passion Plarn Purse

June 17, 2012 4 comments
Lining the Pink Passion Plarn Purse

Several people have asked for a picture tutorial on how I lined my pink passion plarn purse. So here are a few pictures I took and I will walk you through a brief explanation on how to line a plarn purse.

I basically create a pocket to slip inside my plarn purses to line them. I simply cut a piece of fabric for the lining and with right sides together and sew it together. Here is the completed lining I made for the recycled Pink Passion Plarn Purse which includes two pockets and a magnetic closure.

First step is to lay out the completed purse on the fabric lining as shown. The bottom of the purse lining is placed on the fold line of the fabric.

Corded Cloth Pattern

June 7, 2012 3 comments
Corded Cloth Pattern

Here is my simple but useful corded cloth pattern that is crocheted in cotton yarn. This cloth makes an excellent washcloth or dishcloth. I added the reverse single crochet stitch border and thus the name Corded Cloth was given to this project.

Here is a solid colored cloth in denim cotton.

I have been crocheting several washcloths for the project that I joined over at Ravelry for our troops. The website is Warmth for Warriors and we are doing washcloths right now for the troops if you’d like to join in here.

Here is the free crochet pattern below for the washcloth or dishcloth. Enjoy!

Corded Cloth Pattern

Description: 8 inch Square Washcloth or Dishcloth

Materials needed:
1.25 – ozs. Cotton Yarn and just a small amount of contrasting yarn if needed for the border

H (5 mm) USA size hook

Row 1
Ch 30. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea st across. (29)

Recycled Pink Plastic Purse

May 29, 2012 3 comments
Recycled Pink Plastic Purse

I have been saving these pink plastic grocery bags for a special project. I finally decided to crochet a pink purse and donate it to this year’s Relay for Life fundraiser. In case you are wondering about these beautiful pink bags, they are special and very hard to find. A dear on-line friend sent them to me and I am so happy to be able to recycle them into a cool new purse.

Here is a closeup of the cable stitching at the top and the strap. Just click to super-size.

I have named this purse Pink Passion Plarn Purse and lined it as shown. Please enjoy the free crochet pattern below.

Pink Passion Plarn Purse Pattern

Materials needed:
One ball of plastic bag yarn or plarn cut 1 inch wide – Approx. 25 pink plastic grocery bags
Here is my picture tutorial on how to make plarn from plastic bags
1 oz worst yarn for trim and strap – Red Heart light raspberry used

Hook: J (6 mm) metal crochet hook

Description: Recycled Pink Plastic Plarn Purse
Bag measures 10-1/2 inches wide and 8-1/2 inches long with 28 inch strap

With plastic bag yarn (plarn) Ch 26.

My Useful Ideas

May 19, 2012 No comments yet
My Useful Ideas

I have been working a new venture and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce my new blog My Useful

My Useful Ideas is a blog where ideas will be shared that are designed to save you money, help you solve a problem, answer a question, fix a problem, explain how to deal with a situation, and generally help you out. I am not an expert but will share with you ideas and solutions that I have found work and that are helpful in everyday use. Some of the ideas are very basic and which you may have read about in the past but I write to share my experiences and hopefully help out someone who may have not had to face the same challenge yet in their life.

My new blog will allow me to have a place where I can share my non-crafting ideas and keep this blog more for recycled crafting and crocheted craft projects. It is my plan to share helpful ideas for everyday living and beyond. Topics will include everyday challenges such as

7 Inch Baby Doll Bunting

May 10, 2012 5 comments
7 Inch Baby Doll Bunting

Here is a small baby doll bunting I crocheted. It fits a doll that is 6 to 7 inches tall. This is a variation of a 12-inch doll bunting pattern that I crocheted last year.

So whether you have a small doll like this one shown or a larger baby doll, you can use my free patterns to crochet your doll a cute baby bunting. Enjoy and happy crocheting!

Baby Doll Bunting Pattern

Fits a 6-7″ Baby Doll
Bunting measures: 3-3/4″ wide between armholes, 4-1/2″ sleeve openings,
5-3/4″ around at neck and 6-1/2″ long
Hook: Metal G (4-4.25 mm) crochet hook

1.25 oz worst weight yarn
Small amount of contrasting yarn for trim
Small button for back closure

Ch 23


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