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Crocheting Plarn Sandal Soles

Posted on May 15, 2014

I am working on a new pair of crocheted plarn sandals. You may recall my first pair of recycled plastic bag sandals I crocheted. This new project is using grey recycled plastic retail bags cut 1 inch wide and assembled using the using the knot and inter-loop plarn-making method.

Crocheted Grey Plarn Sandal Soles

I am happy to share this photo of the finished crocheted soles for the sandals. It’s been a real trial and error for these soles as I wanted to improve on my original pattern. You may notice that there are two darker grey soles and two lighter ones. I didn’t have enough of one color to complete all four soles. I plan to put two sole pieces together to create one reinforced sole for each sandal. Now that I have the soles done, I can now continue working on the crochet pattern that I will eventually share here on my blog.

Above you can see the soles that I have crocheted.
These sandals will be different than my original pattern that posted back 2012. I will put one dark sole piece on the bottom of each sandal and then the lighter grey on the top. I am crocheting the tops with a longer top area for slipping on your foot. I am experimenting using pink newspaper plastic bags cut into plarn to create a two-tone looking sandal. Anyway I just wanted to post the progress that I have achieved so far on this project. I’ll be back soon hopefully with the free crochet pattern for these new and improved plarn sandals.

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9 Responses to “Crocheting Plarn Sandal Soles”

  1. Riya
    May 16, 2014

    Nice post!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Callum
    Jun 06, 2014

    Wonderful idea! I thought that my feet will sweat excessively but I was wrong. Thanks!

  3. […] I posted my progress with this plastic bag project over the last several months. I crocheted the plarn sandal soles and improved on the pattern I used in the past for making recycled plastic sandals […]

  4. Dorothy Stanford
    Oct 01, 2014

    Nice! I recently found several designs with recycled bags – pillows, baskets and various other useful items. Cheers for the sandals, they’re great!

  5. David Kyle
    Apr 02, 2016

    would like a simple and complete pattern for these. have seen these all over but most have a bare bones pattern. I have traveled a bit as a missionary and feel that these could help in a lot of ways. in Kathmandu there are plastic bags strewn everywhere and there is signif poverty and nearly everyone wears sandles so this could get rid of a lot of garbage, make something that would be useful and hopefully lift some out of poverty.

    with the average income being about a dollar a day I would anticipate that an industrious person could make $1-10 worth of Rupes a day and do quite well with these.

    If you have ever had an inclination to travel and help the less fortunate I can get you connected with my friend who runs children rescue mission Nepal and although he does not have the resources to pay for your trip he could keep you busy teaching people to make plarn and craft with plarn and especially how to make sandals.

    It could make the lifes of poor children much better and possibly save some from sex traficing. look up Gyan Pantha CRM mission

    Thanks Dr David Kyle

  6. Cindy
    Apr 16, 2016

    @David – This post is just for the soles but here is the complete sandals pattern for crocheting these recycled plastic bags into sandals. Best wishes and I hope these patterns are useful to you and people you are helping in these countries. I sure wish I could be there in person but that just isn’t possible. I do hope that they can use my recycled plastic ideas to help them create things they can use and sell.

  7. Very nice indeed!!!

  8. Shain
    Mar 29, 2018

    Interesting looking sandals, I must say!

  9. Chloe
    Apr 15, 2018

    Never seen such unique footwear!!


  1. […] I posted my progress with this plastic bag project over the last several months. I crocheted the plarn sandal soles and improved on the pattern I used in the past for making recycled plastic sandals […]

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