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Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid

Posted on July 22, 2023

This post is about my test of dyeing wool yarn using Kool-Aid. This is my first time dyeing wool yarn using Kool-Aid. I used a small 50 gram skein of 100% wool yarn from Thorobred in white for this test. Here are before and after photos of this dyeing test.
Purple Dyed Kool-Aid Wool YarnBefore Dyeing Wool Yarn

I used the Woolfest bag method to dye my wool yarn. I love that it just uses the sun’s power to work the magic of dyeing the yarn.

Here is how I processed my yarn. I unwound the skein of yarn and unfortunately found it had several breaks and wasn’t a continuous strand of yarn. That is why you see a few separate pieces hanging to dry in later photos.

I used grape Kool-Aid in a gallon sized ziplock baggie for this test. I added one packet of Kool-Aid to a small amount of water in the baggie with gloves on. I then added more lukewarm water about halfway to fill the baggie as shown in the photo below. Next I mixed it around and added dampen yarn. With my gloved hands, I mixed up the yarn and swished it around to get all the yarn wet and colored. Next I placed the baggie flat in the warm sun to dye for about 3 hours. I did squeeze the yarn and swish it around a bit a few times just to make sure it would all get dyed from the Kool-Aid.
Kool-Aid Bag Method of Dyeing Yarn

After 3 hours out in the summer sun, I rinsed the yarn gently in lukewarm and then cool water as not to shock the yarn. As suggested, let the yarn cool down and then rinse it until the water runs clear. Here is a photo of the yarn after rinsing.
Kool-Aid Dyed Wool Yarn after Processing

Then I hung up the yarn outside to drip and dry on an old hanger.
Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn Drying

Here is how it looked after completely drying overnight.
Dried Kool-Aid Wool Yarn

After winding up all the yarn in a ball, here is my final product. I am really happy with the outcome and love that it has a few different shades of colors throughout the yarn. I definitely recommend using the bag method of sun-dyeing wool yarn with Kool-Aid.
Purple Dyed Kool-Aid Yarn

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