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Crocheted Baby Diaper Covers

Posted on April 2, 2015

Using crocheted diaper covers is a great way to provide a little extra protection for plastic disposal diapers or as a soaker cover over cloth diapers. I used Boomer Beanies worlds best diaper cover pattern and followed the pattern as written using just a single strand of yarn for my first diaper cover I crocheted. Several other people had used the same crochet pattern and created a double thick diaper cover by crocheting with two strands of yarn held together. I loved this idea and set out to adapt the pattern to create my own variation of a double thick diaper cover.

After playing around with the gauge and size of the cover, I used the original pattern following cloth size 1 as I crocheted the pattern using two strands of worst weight yarn. Changes I made were chain 21 stitches to start using a J (6 mm) crochet hook. This gave me 19 stitches as I worked the beginning rows of the original pattern. For the diaper center I crocheted even on 11 sts, and only did 2 buttonholes on each side of the diaper cover.

Finished size: 12-1/2 inches long, 11 wide at back top wing, 8-1/2 wide at across top front edge and 7-1/4 inch wide across center including gusset. While I worked the cloth size 1 pattern for the basis of my diaper cover for the two-strand version, I believe my finished size is more like a size 2.

Here is the cover before I added the buttons.

I crocheted just two buttonholes on each side on the buttonhole rows due to larger sized stitching. I used 1 inch buttons and placed them as shown below.
Buttons for Diaper Cover

Here is a picture of the single strand diaper cover I crocheted first using the original pattern as written. I crocheted the below diaper cover following the cloth size 1 pattern directions. I believe it would fit a baby up to 6 months.

Conclusion: I love this pattern and especially love the double thick version of the crocheted diaper cover. So whether you use plastic or cloth diapers, I think you will find this diaper cover very useful and cute!

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