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Baby Dog Lovey

September 18, 2023 No comments yet

I crocheted this baby dog lovey using Aggie May’s round ripple blanket pattern. I started with 4 rounds using aran cream yarn for the center of the lovey. An important tip is to use the same color for center of lovey as the animal so you can hide the joining. The dog lovey pattern is available
free here.

I first crocheted the round ripple blanket to 21 inches wide. Some loveys are smaller but I like it a little bigger to accommodate the dog head. Here is the lovey blanket before adding the dog to the center.

Next is a photo of the head after I added the muzzle and nose. I had to play around with it quite a bit to get everything lined up and get the nose just right.

Here is a closeup of the dog lovey below.

Denim Dog Toy

May 18, 2019 2 comments

Here is a real quick and simple dog toy you can make from recycled denim. It doesn’t even require any sewing and can be made in just a matter of minutes.

Take an old pair of denim jeans and cut around the lower pants hem and then continue up the side seam to make one continuous strip of denim. I cut up the side seam 27 inches and the hem length was 18 inches on my piece of cut denim.

Next I just started tying knots using either end of the denim strip. Using knots and then threading the long end through the knots, I create this 8 inch long denim dog toy.
You could also join the ends together to make a circle by either sewing the ends together or by joining them with a knot.

And there you have it,

Crocheted Dog Leggings

February 18, 2012 10 comments

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I often make things that I need rather than purchase them. I so enjoy creating something to fill a need I have. Well, my dog has been having these issues of licking her forelegs and they were getting very sore. There is nothing wrong but it’s just a bad habit of her’s to lick her legs. I tried putting some socks up on her legs to prevent her from licking but that didn’t work very well.

Here is a closeup of the dog legging I crocheted. My dog’s foot is about 7 inches around at her paws. I tried to make the leggings loose enough to fit over her paws but tight enough to stay up once on her legs. I found if you roll them up a bit it’s easier to get them on over her claws and up on her legs. They stay on pretty good but she did manage to lose one outside in the snow but I found it. So just a word of caution, they do stretch out so make sure you make them tight to begin with so they stay on. I usually just make her wear them in the house now so we don’t lose them outside.

The final word, they do work and it does help prevent licking and has allowed her sore legs to heal. Now maybe I won’t have to put them on her for awhile. So another problem solved and here is the free crochet pattern below.

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