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Waterlily Hotpad

November 11, 2022 No comments yet

I saw the beautiful waterlily hotpad that was created by Stacey Lee on Ravelry and just loved the look of it. After dowloading the pattern and reading some of the comments, I knew that this pattern was going to be challenging to crochet.

My modifications and changes:
First I did not fasten off after each round. This is not necessary in my opinion plus I really dislike weaving in ends. I just adjusted my stitches to match the pattern without finishing off each round. Everything went pretty good until round 5 when I just hit a wall. But after several attempts, here is what I did to get the pattern to at least look like the picture.

Crocheted Mandala Cloths

July 6, 2017 No comments yet

Crocheting Mandala cloths has been such a fun adventure. I love how you can mix and match colors to create beautiful patterns. Here is a roundup of all the different Mandalas I crocheted this week.

This pastel Mandala cloth was crocheted using the Magnolia Mandala pattern. I crocheted this cloth using sugar’n cream cotton scraps. My finished cloth is 11.5 inches wide. It is such a pretty cloth and would make a beautiful hotpad or just as a decorative centerpiece on a table.

Next I crocheted several more Mandalas using Lucienne’s Summer Mandala pattern. My dishcloths were all just crocheted to part 1 of the original pattern which has up to 4 parts for a very large Mandala.

Here are a few dishcloths I crocheted with a 4 mm and 5 mm crochet hooks.

Granny Stitch Potholder

May 4, 2016 1 comment

I love the granny stitch and it makes such a pretty pattern. It is also a wonderful pattern for using up different scraps of yarn in a project such as this potholder pattern. The front panel is worked in the granny square type stitch and then the backing is done in single crochet stitching. The result is a pretty granny stitch potholder with a thick protective backing.

Granny Stitch Potholder Pattern

Hook: H (5 mm) sized crochet hook
Size: 8 inch square
Materials: 3 ounces cotton yarn – use scrap yarns and trim as desired
1 inch plastic ring for hanging loop. I used a recycled plastic ring from a water bottle for my hanging loop in this project.

With H hook, Ch 4 and join to form ring. Or you can use a magic circle to start.

T-Yarn Hotpad

December 21, 2012 No comments yet

Here is a hotpad I crocheted using my T-yarn trivet pattern. This hotpad’s yarn is a combination of a white t-shirt cut into a very narrow strip to create what I call t-yarn and some leftover Red Heart chunky blue yarn.

I crocheted with the white t-yarn for the center and scalloped edging. I did one extra round with the blue chunky yarn to make the hotpad just a bit bigger and to use up the small amount remaining. The result is a hotpad trivet that is 8-1/2 inches square.

I wanted to use the chunky acrylic yarn to show how a t-shirt yarn pattern can be used with regular yarn too. You could also make this hotpad by holding two strands of worst weight yarn together to crochet the pattern. Either way, you end up with a great looking motif hotpad trivet.

Recycle an Old Potholder

April 17, 2012 5 comments

I noticed that I had several old potholders that were stained and had holes in them. So I figured it was time to recycle them into some new and pretty potholders.

Here are the before pictures of my old potholders.

I crocheted a chain the length of the old potholder plus 3 stitches. Then single crochet (Sc) in the round until the shell is long enough to insert the old potholder inside.

Diagonal Potholder & Dishcloth Set

August 21, 2011 2 comments

This week I am sharing my diagonal potholder and dishcloth set. I previously have attempted to crochet a diagonal potholder without much success. You probably have seen several different versions of this potholder pattern that you crochet on the diagonal. I have tried before to crochet one of these but it just didn’t turn out right. Well I decided after reading another crocheter’s blog about using the double thick potholder pattern with success that I would give the pattern a try.

My first attempt turned out okay but the potholder was way too small for my liking. So then using a H crochet hook, I chained 32 stitches to begin the pattern. The result is the potholder shown which is about 5-3/4″ square. I like this size much better and the corners are pretty straight. If your diagonal potholder isn’t real square, just try pulling on the corners as this helps straighten out the corners. I added a dishcloth using my open mesh magic dishcloth pattern to complete the matching set.

It’s been a busy week and I wanted to share some crocheting with you all. I will be back next week with a new pattern as I have been working on several new projects but just didn’t get any new patterns written and pictures taken yet. So until next time, happy crafting to all!

Log Cabin Potholder Pattern

February 18, 2011 3 comments

For all those log cabin pattern lovers out there, here is my version of a log cabin potholder. This potholder or hotpad was crocheted using scraps of cotton yarn I had on hand. I have also been saving all my juice and milk jug rings for crafting projects. This plastic ring is a larger one that I recycled from an apple jug. Using these recycled rings saves you from having to purchase store bought rings for your potholder projects.

The potholder or hotpad completes my set that includes the log cabin scrap dishcloth pattern I posted last month. These items are an excellent way to use scraps of cotton that you may have been saving and not sure what could be done with the small bits. My pattern is written with specific colors listed but you can mix and match the colors depending on what you may have on hand.

As always, please enjoy the free crochet pattern below.

Log Cabin Potholder Pattern

H (5 mm) USA crochet hook

Cotton yarn scraps in 6 colors
2 ozs contrasting Cotton yarn for trim and back of potholder
1 plastic ring

8 inches x 8-1/2 inches Cotton Potholder/Hotpad

Row 1
With light blue yarn, Ch 12, Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea st. (11)

T-Yarn Flower Trivet Hotpad

August 14, 2010 10 comments

Need a new trivet hotpad? Well grab that old t-shirt and start cutting. This cute flower hotpad was crocheted from the front piece of an old cotton tank top of mine. This particular tank top had side seams so I cut it across from side to side so I could stretch it to created what I call curled t-yarn. Here is my picture tutorial on how to make curled t-yarn.

The nice thing about these trivets is that they are a quick project and only require about 40 yards of t-yarn. Because this was a shirt with side seams, when I reached the side, I just cut at a diagonal to turn so I could work across the front again. Little “tags” are created when you make the turns but can be trimmed once you curl the t-yarn and can be easily hidden within your stitches or at the back of your work. As you can see, all my little tags don’t show. Anyway enjoy this recycled t-shirt project and happy green crafting to all!

Free Crochet Pattern for a T-Yarn Flower Trivet Hotpad

Materials needed:
One-half of a T-shirt – approx. 40 yards of t-yarn
Cut into 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch wide strips and gently pull to curl your t-yarn

Hook: J (6 mm) size metal crochet hook
Finished Trivet Hotpad is 6-1/4 inches wide

Rnd 1
Make a magic circle with t-yarn, work 14 Dc in circle. Join with Sl St to top of 1st Dc to complete first round. Do not turn your work in this project.

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