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Vcr Tape Ribbon Tote

September 28, 2007 19 comments

Do you have some old vhs video tapes wasting away around the house? Well crochet yourself a recycled tote bag using those old tapes. This bag was crocheted from vhs tape and Lion Brand ribbon yarn. I made this tote bag for a co-worker for Christmas after she saw a prior bag I crafted and really wanted one. So I got busy and crocheted this tote for her for the upcoming Christmas gift exchange.

If you are new to crocheting with vcr tape here is the link for using vcr tape as yarn. It is a great way to recycle those old vcr vhs tapes into a wonderful reusable product.

Free Pattern for a Crocheted Vcr Tape Ribbon Tote Bag

Materials needed:
2 Vhs Vcr video long play tapes (T-120)
2 rolls of Lion Brand ribbon yarn City Lights #21008, 110 yards each

Hook: N (9 mm) size metal crochet hook

Description: Tote Bag
Bag measures 13 inches wide and 14 inches long

7 Hdc = 3 inches
2 Rnds = 1 inch

Using 2 strands of vhs video tape with one strand of ribbon yarn, Ch 28.

Crocheted Vcr Tape Tote Bag

June 22, 2007 18 comments

This is my latest recycled bag project which is crocheted from Vhs video tapes and ribbon yarn. Here is the link for the tutorial on how to use Vhs tape as yarn. This tote bag measures 13″ by 12″ and has a handy grip handle. You could also crochet this bag using recycled plastic bags. If you use plastic bag yarn or plarn, you only need to use one ball of plarn and the strand of ribbon yarn as you work the pattern. Vhs video tape is much lighter which requires the double strand (2 reels) to be used in this project.

Here is a closeup of the combination of Vcr tape and ribbon yarn.

Free Pattern for Crocheted Vhs Video Tape Tote Bag

Materials needed:
2 Vhs Video long play tapes (T-120)
2 rolls of Lion Brand ribbon yarn – Incredible #51659, 110 yards ea roll

Hook: N (9 mm) size metal crochet hook

Description: Tote Bag
Bag measures 13 inches wide and 12 inches long with 4 inch oval expandable bottom

Using 2 strands of vhs video tape with one strand of ribbon yarn Ch 28.

Using VHS tape to crochet an evening bag

February 21, 2007 27 comments

Crocheted Evening Bag made of VHS Tape

I first saw a posting at a popular Crochet board where a board member asked the question if anyone had ever tried to crochet using old VHS tape. After reading the post, it inspired me to look into the possibility. Being a recycling craft enthusiast, I had never heard or tried crocheting using VHS tape. I quickly decided that I had to try out this new and interesting idea.

I first found an old VHS tape. After dusting it off and deciding this old blank tape wasn’t something I’d ever view again, I went to work. I had to figure out how to get the tape out and not make too big a mess. After a bit of a struggle, I pried open the case with a screwdriver and was able to get to the tape itself. (Some tape cases have small screws which can be removed making it much easier to open the cases.) I should say that the tape really needs to be completely rewound as you don’t want to have tape on both reels. I removed the reel with the tape on it from the tape case and discarded the remaining stuff. What I now had was this beautiful shiny black tape that was ready to be used in my crochet project. Unlike the plastic grocery or retail bags, I didn’t have to fold, cut, and tie together the strips to create the yarn. The reel of black VHS yarn was already prepared for me!

Next I got my favorite metal size N hook out that I do most of my plastic bag crocheting with. Taking the single strand of VHS tape, I started by chaining a simple Sc chain stitch to see how this was going to work. The VHS tape is only about ½ inch wide and my chain was pretty loose and thin. I turned at the end of my chain and started doing a Hdc stitch into the chain and quickly found out this wasn’t going to work. I am used to crocheting using plastic grocery bags that I cut in 1 inch strips and create double strand yarn. I find the double strand plastic bag yarn gives me a nice sturdy yarn. The single strand of VHS tape was too narrow and lightweight for my use.

So I found another VHS tape and repeated the process so that I now had two reels of 1/2 inch tape. I doubled the tape by holding two strands together from the two reels. I started my chain again and this time it went much better. My chain was sturdy and was about the same thickness I was accustomed to using when I crochet with plastic bag yarn.

The VHS tape is not quite as smooth to use as plastic bags. I had to somewhat manhandle it which tends to make my fingers and joints sore. So just beware of that and don’t pull too hard on your work […]

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