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Mini Recycled Wreaths

December 3, 2010 4 comments

I crafted these Christmas wreaths by using recycled rings from milk, juice, and other bottles for my wreath’s base. The crochet wreath pattern I used can be found over at Ravelry that a blog friend Kristy posted. The ruffled wreath was created by just working more double crochet stitches around. Just add stitches to get the desired ruffling for your wreath.

By using rings that you recycle from bottles and jugs, you can save yourself money on crafting supplies as you have no need to purchase plastic rings for your wreaths. Not only can these rings be used for wreaths, they also be used on potholders and other crafting projects that call for round plastic rings.

Here is my green plarn wreath. I crocheted this using plastic recycled from packing pillows cut into plarn. I did just a single round of double crochet stitch around an apple jug ring for this little wreath with a J crochet hook. A small piece of red cotton yarn was used to add a bow to the wreaths. That’s all it takes to make these cute and quick little recycled wreaths. Enjoy!


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