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Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

Posted on May 20, 2011

I present my first recycled soda pop tab bracelet. I crocheted these two bracelets using some lightweight yarn that I received in a swap. The yarn was a bit thin so I doubled it up to crochet these bracelets.

Here is the link for the original soda tab crochet pattern that my bracelets were based upon. My friend Kristy created a video which was really helpful for me to understand how to assemble the bracelet using the recycled soda pop tabs. You can view Kristy’s video tutorial below.

I used 12 tabs on one bracelet and 13 on the next one to make it a bit larger. I also added a leaf to the one stitch on the top bracelet. The original pattern calls for 12-14 tabs. Just check the fit of your bracelet as outlined in the video for the correct number needed for your project.

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5 Responses to “Soda Pop Tab Bracelet”

  1. Sara
    May 22, 2011

    Those are so pretty! I will be trying out this idea for sure! šŸ™‚

  2. Tara K
    May 25, 2011

    Very neat .. I have only 9 tabs, otherwise I would make one for myself right now! Also .. how do you get the piece that holds the tab to the soda can off? do you cut it off? Mine usually pop off without breaking that small piece in the bottom hole of the tab.

  3. Cindy
    May 28, 2011

    You need just a few more to make your pop tab bracelet. Using 12 was a good fit for me but 13 is normal too. It just depends on the yarn you use too. As far as the little metal tab, I usually just bend it off and it breaks off easily. If it doesn’t you could use a pliers to break it off and then smooth the edge if necessary with the pliers.

  4. Barbara
    Apr 26, 2014

    I have seen belts like this for sale at a flea market. Any idea what they used for buckles? or how many tabs you would need?

  5. Cindy
    May 06, 2014

    Barbara- I’m not sure how many soda tabs a belt would take. It would depend on the style and size. I sent you an email with some links with pictures. One belt did say it would take about 120 tabs but it’s really hard to know for sure. Let me know if you make a belt as I’d love to see your project.

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