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Mother Bear Hoodie Project

Posted on November 4, 2016

Here is my latest Mother Bear I crocheted with a hoodie. This bear was crocheted for the Mother Bear Project and features a hood with ties. My original Mother Bear hoodie pattern did not include ties. Another Mother Bear crocheter on Ravelry, TeaLover, added ties to her bear’s hoodie after crocheting my pattern. I just loved how the ties turned out. It is like a built in scarf and looks so cute on the hoodies she made. So with her help, I added ties to my hoodie pattern too.

It is real easy and the ties are crocheted right onto the hoodie before finishing off the project. Here are the changes to make to the original pattern to add the ties. First don’t finish off after the last row, chain 25 at the end of the row,. Turn and slip stitch back down the tie to the hoodie edge, slip stitch across front hood edge and chain 25 for the other tie. Slip stitch back down second tie and finish off when you reach the hood. This ended up making ties about 4 inches long.

I attached my hoodie onto the bear after it was crocheted. I find this easier and this time, I attached the hoodie to the neck before stuffing the bear. I use a whip stitch to attach the completed hoodie to the bear starting at one front edge and working around the back and toward the other side’s front. I did find using little pieces of yarn to hold the hood in place was helpful as I stitched it to the bear’s neck.

Hope you find my pattern note’s helpful and most of all, I hope you will make a bear for the Mother Bear Project. It is a wonderful organization and a very rewarding charity project.

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