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Happy Halloween 2018

Posted on October 22, 2018

It’s nearly Halloween again and time to share some recycled Halloween ideas.
Recycling Pumpkins

Over at My Useful Ideas, there is a great post about celebrating Halloween with less Trick-or-Treat trash. Every year the Halloween holiday creates tons of leftover trash. Everything from pumpkins to plastic candy bags, old decorations and costume castoffs. Then there are the candy wrappers and dropped candies that can be found on the sidewalks and along the streets.

Let’s face it, Halloween creates a lot of trash. But there are alternatives and ways to help make the Halloween holiday a bit more greener with less trash.

First consider using recycled decorations and a recycled or reusable candy bags for trick-or-treating. I have several patterns and ideas for making Halloween candy bags and decorations here.

Here is one crocheted plastic treat-or-treat basket that could be reused year after year. It is made from recycled plastic bags and the base is a recycled microwave dinner tray.
Recycled Plastic Trick-or-Treat Basket

Let’s talk about Halloween costumes. If you buy a store-bought costume, they can be pretty expensive. Ask your friends and family if they have one you can use. Kids outgrown their costumes each year and they usually are like new still. Check out the thrift stores and look for good deals. Consider making your own cool costume from recycled materials like cardboard, old clothing, marked-down fabrics, and other recycled materials.

Lastly, there are always the different recycling containers for plastic and other leftover materials from Halloween. Consider composting your old pumpkin if you don’t have a green recyclable container.

Have a wonderful, safe and green Halloween!

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