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Grey Ring Towel Topper

Posted on February 24, 2023

This project uses a recycled milk jug ring as a base for a towel topper. It’s a simple crochet idea that I created as I needed a ring to hang up a towel on a hook in my kitchen. So I used a milk jug ring and crocheted it onto my towel topper using a kitchen towel folded in half.

Recycled Ring Towel Topper

Here is a closeup on the crocheted towel topper.
Crocheted Towel Topper Ring

I generally used this ring towel topper pattern that I created over 10 years ago. I did do a few modifications as I wanted a shorter topper as follows:

Row 3, 1 SC Dec to start, 1 SC across to last 2 st and another SC Dec.
Row 4, 1 SC Dec to start, 1 SC across to last 2 st and another SC Dec.
Row 5, SC in each st.
Row 6, repeat row 4.
Row 7, repeat row 5.
Continue in pattern until just 5 stitches remain. I worked the flap even on 5 stitches to make the flap stronger.

These patterns are easy to tweak depending on the length you want and width of the towel topper. This towel measures 16 inches long from the top of the ring to the hem. Depending on the kitchen towel you use, the length will vary.

This ring towel topper works great for me as I can just hang it up over my kitchen hook. I don’t have to worry about it falling or getting holes in the fabric from the hook. So if you need a towel hanger, I hope you will try out this idea.

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