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Favorite Plarn Patterns

September 23, 2009 2 comments

I just finished crocheting another plarn clothespin bag from recycled plastic bags. This pattern and project is one of the most favorite plarn patterns here at My Recycled Bags. Not only do many people copy and crochet this pattern for their personal use but I also sell many of this recycled bag each year.

Please feel free to crochet this handy clothespin bag for yourself or as a gift for the upcoming Christmas season. Here is the free pattern link. Maybe you don’t crochet and would like to purchase one of these upcycled clothespin bags. If so you can find this item offered here for sale.

Plastic Bags Upcycled into a Clothespin Bag

July 12, 2008 15 comments

White plastic bags are used by many retail and grocery stores these days. They are not the prettiest bags to use for crafting. People give me lots of white plastic bags to recycled. So I’ve been trying to be more creative and come up with clever ideas to turn these dull bags into cute and useful items. What do you think of my clothespin bag with a ribbon bow tie?

Here is a hobo bag I crocheted too. It’s amazing how much a little ribbon adds to the projects. Click on my hobo bag and see if you think it makes a cute summer purse.
Click to view full-sized photos

Here’s an example of adding some fun fur to spice up those white bags in this recycled tote bag pattern.

So take heart if you have lots of white plastic bags. You can upcycle them into some really cute crochet projects by just adding some ribbon, fun fur, or other embellishments. Here is the link to my free clothespin “peg” bag pattern if you’d like to crochet this project. Also you can browse through all my free patterns at this link.
Enjoy and happy green crafting to all!

Crochet a Recycled Clothes Pin Bag

August 11, 2007 38 comments

Last month I purchased a sunshine umbrella. It’s one of those clothes line things you unfold and put in the ground to hang your clothes on to dry. I haven’t had anything outside to hang my clothes on for quite awhile at this home. But wanting to do the eco friendly thing, I want to hang my clothes outside to dry. It saves electricity and money on my power bill and of course is environmentally friendly!

Anyway I didn’t have a clothes pin bag. So I got busy and crochet myself one. I love to make things that I need from recycled materials and hope others do too. If you need to know how to make plastic bag yarn, here is the link. Once you have your yarn, you are ready to go!

Here is a picture of the little hanger I used for the inside. It is 10 inches long and fits perfectly inside my peg bag. You might also use a baby hanger as they are small.

So what are you waiting for, grab that crochet hook and get to work!

Free Pattern for Crocheted Clothes Pin Bag

Materials needed:
One large ball of plastic bag yarn aka Plarn
One 8-10 inch long plastic hanger to fit inside bag

Hook: N (9 mm) size metal crochet hook

Description: Clothes Pin Bag
Bag measures 12 inches wide and 12 inches long

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